ideas for a teen birthday

Michelle - posted on 10/14/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughter is going to be 14 in february and having party games or goodie bags is kind young to have . i was thinking of having like a minute to win it or that show for family game night or i was just gonna have her n her friends go out to eat then to the movies....any ideas of what else i can do?


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Destiny - posted on 04/02/2013




I feel weird for being on this site, considering it's for moms, but I was bored and I enjoy answering online questions...kinda amusing to me. I don't know why, anyways, I'm turning around that age soon and since my birthday is on a Friday I'll have school and then my 4 friends and I are going to be picked up in a stretch limo from school and driven to the movies to see a movie. After that we are going to be picked up from the movies by my parents and they are going to spend the night at my house. I enjoy sleepovers, but sometimes they can get kinda boring, so make sure to have lots of food like pizza, popcorn, junk food, but make sure that allergies and stuff like that are taken into consideration cause you know, nobody likes to go into shock or feel pressured right? I thought so. Also, I would set up some movies or something really fun to do is get a cd that your teen would enjoy and give it to them for their birthday so they can listen to that. Usually they'll want to decide what they'll want to do from then on without your help. Just be prepared for it to be 4 in the morning and you can hear them laughing. Feel free to mention to them that they need to keep it down a little, but seriously, it's one day and I hate when parents have to remind me to stay quiet when my friends are over and it's my birthday or something that only happens like once a year, so just don't lecture them about everything that they do. That just drives them up the wall and makes them want to basically murder you. LOL sorry, but it does get annoying. Oh yeah! And one more thing, make sure that you have presents and food and everything is A OK with their parents(: Hope this helps(:

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I like the out to eat and movie idea. As a teen those are the types of things I did for parties. Just give them some space if it seems she wants it. Maybe eat at a different table and sit separately in the theater.

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