Know an easy way to find (and manage) lists of movies for kids?

Beryl - posted on 09/29/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I've been using my Amazon Wishlist as a place to bookmark movies and tv shows that I hear are good for kids. But I don't want to give my kids access to my Amazon account, because who knows what they'll accidentally (or intentionally) buy with my one-click check out.

I need a place where I can compile lists of movies, books, apps, etc, that I'll allow my kids to watch. Otherwise I'll forget what's on my "approved" list and they'll end up watching Pulp Fiction if I'm not paying attention.

I also don't want it to be a site with a purchasing component, so I can let my kids use it freely. So bonus points if the site is kid-friendly.

Mommy friends...what have you heard of?

Beryl (kids ages 10 and 12)


Dove - posted on 09/29/2016




I don't do the one-click check out. I don't know if there is anything like you are wanting, but my 8 year old son has been adding stuff to wish lists (I created two for him) on Amazon since he was 6. He's never purchased anything. The furthest he's gone is that once he accidentally added stuff to a shopping cart and it's so drilled into his head that he's not allowed to make a purchase that he freaked out until I showed him how easily I could get it off for him. His teenage sisters also have free reign to add stuff to their wish lists, but it's like pulling teeth for me to get them to do it. lol

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