Lack of concentration in my 3 yr old

Shivani - posted on 11/21/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son (almost 3.5 yr) does not like to study. His school teachers say that he is doing well, but at home he just doesn't want to open books. Everytime I ask him any question, he would just ignore me or stay quiet. Today we took him to admission to Jr KG, there the teachers kept asking him diff questions, engaged him in conversation to make him comfortable, but he would just not answer. He talked to them, but no answers.
Should I be worried about ADD?
I would really like some help & suggestions from experienced moms.


Annette - posted on 11/23/2016




School teachers?...........he's 3 1/2
Study?............................he's 3 1/2
Open books?..................he's 3 1/2
I suppose you want him in university by the time he's 10 and doing his PhD by 13 too?
Let the poor child have a life. He wants to play........and not on his own thank you; with OTHER kids!!!!
And as he does get older, please don't have him in school mon-fri then tutoring all weekend. That is no life for a child. Let him do sport and play music and see movies and theatre. Give him a well rounded life experience. If you torture him with study, be prepared to lose him, because he will eventually hate you for the life you have stolen from him.

Dove - posted on 11/21/2016




Of course he doesn't want to sit and study... he's 3. 100% normal. Kids of this age are very active and distracted... and all kids learn best through play. If you think he should be learning something... turn it into a game that he enjoys. If he's still not interested... drop it and let him be and try again another day.

Of course you should not be worried about ADD in a 3 year old. His teachers say that he is doing well, so obviously they know that he's pretty on track for his age. ADD is either something that is VERY obvious... or it's not something to even consider til at least 6/7.

Sarah - posted on 11/21/2016




He is 3 yrs old. He is not suppose to sit and study. At 3 yrs old they learn best through play. Their brains ard sponges and by exploring and using all their senses they learn the best. I would not be looking at a school that requires my 3 yr old to sit and study all day long. Lots of things a child does not develop that way and skills that are behind because of a one dimension learning.

Ev - posted on 11/21/2016




He is not supposed to be sitting down to study at this age!!!! He should be up and about playing and learning from that besides reading stories and doing things sitting down. It is normal for him to have this kind of energy and his attention span is about right for his age. He is also too young to be considered having ADD because they do not diagnos that until 5 years old and that may mean medications for something not wrong with him. He does not sound like he is ready for Pre-K yet. That is supposed to be for 4 years up.

Dove - posted on 11/23/2016




3.5 is a perfectly normal age for a child to be in school... preschool. That is likely WHERE he is playing w/ other kids. I certainly agree that he doesn't need to study and the OP doesn't need to worry, but your over the top accusations and assumptions are a bit absurd here, Annette.


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Janeyschumacher - posted on 11/21/2016




First of all ADD isn't diagnosed until, between ages 4-12 on the low scale. 2nd he is 3. he just wants to play. You have to make learning fun. My daughter got diagnosed with ADHD at 4 and I thought it was BS, sometimes she has a hard time focusing, her dad put her on meds, while I was on deployment, but I refused to put her on meds and she is 12 now. She did better without the drugs and me working one on one with her, she became a different person while on them...she was only diagnosed because her dad, well he didn't see her in over a year and her dad wanted to take her to see someone, I was out of the country. He also exaggerated to the therapist. She keeps getting looked at for ADD, ADHD now at 12 and the Dr is like, no she may have a hard time focusing at times, but only when she is truly uninterested in topic. ADHD has a lot of behavioral issues, and ADD is just a hard time focusing, but those wind up being your more creative kids, and some kids just don't like to talk to people or answer questions all the time. I used to work at a daycare and I can tell you I had maybe 1 or 2, kid under 5 who liked to read. are you reading to him? maybe that is something you can try as well, and not with him. my nephew wouldn't read unless someone read with him, and my brother thought he was going to be behind when he started school, turned out, since my brother followed each word with his finger as he read, my nephew's reading level is really high and he is advanced beyond his grade, and he didn't start reading out loud in front of people until the 2nd grade, but he knew how to read and write the whole time. He was just shy in front of people, and I guess my brother said he had a speech issue, but that is fixed now, and he's in the 5th grade reading at an 8th grade level.

I applaud you for wanting to get your son to learn early on. That is amazing as there are some kids who start kindergarten and can barely spell their own name because their mom never worked with them... I have a 12 yr old daughter, a 13 (14 next month) yr old nephew living with me, and a 9 month old daughter of my own. Some things to remember is kids need structure, discipline, love and above all, to be a kid...

Great Job on advanced learning, Let him be a kid, maybe Google something like, how to make reading fun, or go on pinterest, ABC Mouse is a GREAT program for 2-7 yr olds, it cost 99 a year, but it makes learning fun and I have friends who have used it, and their kids seem really advanced!

Also if your kid has ADD, generally they're great public speakers, more energetic, optimistic, great multitaskers, passionate, visionaries, Artistic, and spontaneous, also more fun to be around... At the end of the day, its not even a bad diagnosis... maybe he just needs a little more help focusing, but im sure all he wants to do is play... really look at ABC Mouse... I hope this helps...

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