My 5 month old has rashes and dry patches. Eczema? Food allergy? Allergic reaction to Aveeno?

Jen - posted on 03/19/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




First off... hello to everyone, I'm a first time poster on this board!! My name is Jen and my 5 month old daughter's name is Jenesis. :)

So my current dilemma with skin is involving baby girl J. She is developing rashes and dry patches on her back, a few on her arms, and under her chin/neck area. She's been to the doc (3 times) and I've researched like CRAZY but I'm still on the fence about her diagnosis and treatments. The doc thinks it's a combination of things, one of which is eczema. It's been difficult to deal with because her dad nor I had eczema. We already use fragrance free laundry detergent and wash, try to keep her as cool and dry as possible, and try to keep her moisturized.
Fearing it's a food allergy (I'm breast feeding) I'm going on day two of no dairy, as the Doc suggested to start there. I've even tried oatmeal baths. My initial reaction was to try natural remedies like Shea and coconut oil, then Aveeno was recommended, then Cetaphil, then I went back to Aveeno. I know consistency is key, but in the beginning, I would get freaked out if it looked like it was getting worse or didn't clear up in a few days (I know, there's that impatience again!) but now It's been just Aveeno and coconut oil for the past few days. At this point, I can't tell if it's getting better or worse, what it's supposed to look like as it heals, etc. Then I came across boards where parents were saying Aveeno gave their child a rash due to skin irritants in the ingredients. So now I'm wondering if I'M doing the damage by continually putting certain irritants or things she may be sensitive to, on her. This trial and error is an uphill battle... I'm wondering if you have any advice or product suggestions for eczema?
Such a long winded question, I'm sorry!... Thank you for ANY help.

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