My 9 almost 10 year old with her sass and bad attitude

Tracie - posted on 01/25/2018 ( 7 moms have responded )




Hi, my daughter who is 9 almost 10, has almost turned into a different child. She has tantrums now. Which she slightly very slightly ever used to have. That was when she was 5 and under. She is more and more interested in boys. She is sassy and talks back, she laughs when im trying to be serious. She is in counsling and I try many many different ways to discipline her, she is and has always been a sensitive girl and sometimes she understands her behavior is bad and other times she don't care. This behavior is not like my child at all. It just recently started. I don't know if it's hormones or her age or her wanting more attention. She is a very very sweet girl but she has these moment's where I look at her and i wonder where my child went? Do any of you experience this? Any advice would help, thank you!


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Michelle - posted on 02/02/2018




Spanking isn't going to work.
You need to find her currency, is it technology or spending time with her friends? Take away what she loves and explain that you are the parent and have the final say on what happens in your house.
She is at an age where they do push the boundaries and you need to make sure that you have set firm ones and she knows the consequences when she crosses them.

Karen - posted on 02/02/2018




sounds like to me she needs to be put in her place she needs a bare bottom spanking I would use a strap have your hubby maybe due it with you It will male more of an impact to her .

Miracle - posted on 01/27/2018




thank god i never had any little girls. best thing to do is remind her that bitching isnt cute. any time she bes rude or too sassy with you, take her phone away. if you do it every single time shell get the message.

Sarah - posted on 01/27/2018




You say you've tried "many ways" to discipline her. That may be part of the problem; find the one method that works and stick with it; at this age it is usually taking away technology or screen time. My youngest child is 13.5 and to blame bad attitudes and behavior on hormones? Then every single teen would be obnoxious. Yes it comes with the age and them testing new boundaries and learning who they are; make it clear that you expect calm, courteous, respect or there will be consequences.

Lyndi - posted on 01/27/2018




yes, girls do go through a difficult stage around middle school. My daughter became someone I didn't even recognize. I think it is a combination of hormones and learning how to develop and maintain relationships. Girls at that age can be very mean and sensitive girls have a hard time coping with that. I think just talking with her about what's going on with friends and with her body will help her to understand that it is normal and that she will get through it. Keep the lines of communication open and let her feel safe to tell you anything, even though it may sometimes be hard.

Carol - posted on 01/26/2018




Tracie I think we all go through bad times and big changes with them,I have 3 girls my own and a step daughter of my ladies and all are changeable as they grow.
Sometimes it’s enough to drive you crazy.
Always happy chat if like to private message if you like
Yours carol

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