My cat has decided he wants to pee on the carpet in our basement instead of in his litter box. I am 5 months pregnant and have a 21 month old little girl who loves the cat (or, trust me, he'd be long gone by this point!). Any advice?


Kelsey - posted on 01/06/2009




Perhaps your kitty is upset about a recent change in the home.  Cats are creatures of habit and do not like change, and they will let  you know by urinating in an unusual spot.  Or, kitty may have a kidney or bladder infection.  Either way he is trying to tell you something and this is the only way he knows how.


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Amy - posted on 01/09/2009




I also had a cat that decided not to use the box.  You mght try Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter.  Also make sure someone is cleaning the box every day.  I think this is the reason my cat was rejecting his box.  My vet also told me that you should not have a hood on your box.  She said it traps the odor and is like a port-a-jon.  I don't know about you, but I had going to the bathroom in them.  Another thing you could try is putting a litter box where the cat is going.  Then slowly move it toward the room where the box usually is.  Hope this helps.

Ursula - posted on 01/06/2009




Hi!  We had two cats before our children were born, I loved cats.  But once we had our first child, things started happening like you describe.  After I had our second son, we just decided it was best for us all to bring the cats to the Humane Society.  It is just so much work having little ones and unhappy cats.  Honestly, it isn't worth it.  You need your time and energy to focus on the little ones in your life.  The youngest of my 4 children is now 3 and we are considering getting a cat again.

Emily - posted on 01/06/2009




my cat has been peeing in the corner of my dining room. i don't know what to do except keep chucking him outside or into the litter box every couple hours. i cleaned the spot he goes really well so he can't smell his own urine and put cayenne pepper there. he hasn't gone there since!. it is frustrating! good luck.

Amie - posted on 01/06/2009




HI there, we have 4 cats, used to be 5 but one we had to give away after our last baby was born for the same reason. It was a female and she was not impressed at all that I was pregnant or after with new baby. She was never overtly aggressive, no claws or hissing/spitting, but she really did not like that there was someone new around to stay. She never had a problem before then so we were surprised, if anything we expected her to act up as we brought new kittens into our house. We tried to keep her as she was our oldest cat but to no avail. The final straw was when we caught her going in our room, which was where baby was sleeping at the time in her bassinet. We got rid of her that week and our oldest understood, we talked with her before we made the phone call. She's now with a friend of ours and he's had no problems with her and his kids love having her around.
Our oldest cat is a big tom. He doesn't do this but he will spray when he gets pissy with us. Mostly in our basement. It is extremely irritating but he doesn't do it so much anymore, the worst was when we brought our new male cat into the home, he had to mark his territory. It was unbelievably bad smelling down there. But we used baking soda over the smell, which worked very fast to get rid of the smell, then had the carpets cleaned. Since then he's only done it twice, both times it's been during the middle of winter when we didn't let him outside when he wanted to go. We have different cats though, they rarely use the litter box, though they do know how, but have been trained to go outside. Even in winter, they'll meow at the door to go out and we'll let them, stand there for the couple minutes it takes them and let them back in.
None of our cats are fixed, declawed but are all kept the way they came into this world. It has rarely been a problem. We kept this way mostly because they are in door/ out door cats, we don't breed our cats but have had two litters from our oldest two because of this. It wasn't a problem either, they had homes found for them quickly. We're very much a cat family though, we tried a dog but it's just like having another kid. lol.
Anyways keep an eye on your kitty, you'll notice if it's a problem with them physically, it'll show in more ways than just peeing. If it is that your pregnant and kitty isn't adjusting well you may end up having to give it away. For the litter box, you aren't supposed to be around it because of the ammonia cats pee gives off but if you use a mask (like those dust masks construction workers use) and put baking soda at the bottom of the pan when u refill it and at the top as you notice kitty has used it you'll be fine and so will baby. It's what I did as with so many cats I wasn't going to be that mean and make hubby be the only clean it. Though I am glad ours go mostly outside and only use it when it's too cold or hot to go outside. =) Hope it helps, I kind of babbled for awhile. lol.

Hanna - posted on 01/06/2009




if your cat is not fixed, i suggest neutering him because he may have started to mark his territory (due to upcoming baby and all), Kelsey is right, cats don't like changes in the home. if that does not apply to you, then he might be upset about something.

buy an odor-neutralizer in a pet shop or supermarket (asap for your sake more than his) and carefully spray/pour it over the spot on the carpet to make sure all the odor is neutralized. then spray bitter apple spray or something equivalent on top to discourage him from going there again. other than that if he continues to do it somewhere else, show him the mess, stick his nose into it and show him u're upset (extreme case, rolled up newspaper on his butt -- won't hurt him but will scare him) and then stick his nose in a litter box and stroke him there to show him that that's where u want him to go.
as far as kidney/bladder infections, well it's a possibility, however, u would also notice a changes in his eating/bathroom habits -- he'd either stop drinking water or drink more of it than usual, will go to the bathroom much more than usual, u'll probably see changes in his coat and grooming habits and overall he'll be more irritated and less willing to come up and play. if he does play and seems happy, ur cat is not sick.

Kellie - posted on 01/06/2009




My cat does this on occasion as well.  A lot of times, he is just mad that the dogs invaded his personal space and will do it (to teach us a lesson??).  Or he'll do it when we have someone house sitting.  As Kelsey Wolfe said, they're creatures of habit!

Other times, I don't know.  Once he did it everyday for almost two weeks.  We ended up locking him up in the laundry room (which is where his litter box is) for a few days, bringing in his food and water, and only giving him attention in the laundry room.  After that, he was pretty good.

Is he having any problems getting to his litter box, like the door is closed, or the dog sleeps by that room, etc?  It might also be that there is a strange smell near his litter box.  Maybe try cleaning the area with water and light cleaning solution to remove any "odd" smells, without adding an odd smell of cleaner...  Well, have your husband do it, as you're not allowed near cat dander and whatnot, when pregnant!!  :)

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