My child is having Night Terrors

Emily - posted on 07/18/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My child will not go to bed anymore.... It has been 3 wks of her not wanting to go to bed but will sleep fine with me in my bed.. She screams to the top of her lungs when u take her to her bed. She has never done this before and has always been great about going to be... HELP!!!!!

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Joanna - posted on 07/18/2011




Hi Emily. I have had similar problems with my son but rather than him sleeping in my bed I have spent a lot of nights on his bedroom floor.
To get him out of this I got him to settle in his own bed with me sitting on a chair right next to his bed gradually I moved the chair further away until I was at his door. Once I was out of the door he would call out and I would gentley respond and after a couple of months he was settling himslef into bed once more.
My sister bought her son a special cuddly toy (Sully from Monsters Inc) to scare away the scarey dreams and keep him safe while he slept and this worked for her however he was 5 or 6 so was able to understand about nightmares.
Hang in there and I hope things improve for you

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