My children no longer want overnights at their dad's house

Jackie - posted on 06/22/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My ex and I have joint custody of our 12 yr old daughter and 10 yr old son. During the school year they go to their dad's house every other weekend and week on week off in the summer. We are both remarried now. Now our children are telling me they no longer want to stay overnight. I have tried to encourage them and explain to them that their dad wants to see them too. It is too the point they become distant and depressed the days before they have to go for the week visit. My son is even crying.
Here is the problem. The kids are telling me their new step mom is MEAN. When their dad is at work, she makes them stay indoors all day. They have no TV or electronics. They are not allowed leaving their rooms until after 8am, and if they do an alarm on their door sounds. Food is limited and seconds are not allowed. They are subjected to my ex and his wife bad talking me on daily basis. She has even texted me using his phone pretending to be him talking about parenting with OUR children. Up until recently my son never even had a bed to sleep on, as their Great Dane had loose stool all over his other bed. My children say it is dirty and smells. I don't want to go and open Pandoras Box, because my children are afraid of hurting their dad. But being their mother and protector, I cant let this go on. Any suggestions??? Help

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