My one month old is sick!!!!

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He has a head cough and his doctor told me to get him Saline Mist to spray in his nose to get the mucus out. It is coming out but not fast enough. The mucus is getting into his stomach and making him throw up his food. he had this head cough for about two weeks and I call the doctor and she is booked until the 15 of April. I do not know what to do to help him get rid of this cold. The longer he suffers with this cold the fusser he gets. Please help! I need advice! Is there any safe over the counter meds I can give him?...but he is only a month old!


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1. If you don't have him in a crib, use his car seat for him to sleep in. He definitely needs to be sitting up.
2. Also talk to your Dr about feedings. Sometimes they will change a feeding for 1-2 days in order to decrease the mucous congestion.
3. Continue to use the saline mist in his nose several times a day. Especially before a feeding. This will help him to eat better as he will be able to breath while he eats. Even babies with projectile vomiting keep some of it in their stomachs, so don't be too scared that he is starving.
I will be praying for you. Courage. Parenting is not for sissies.:)

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You can't really do anything with a baby this small.. There are no OTC medicines for infants this young. Saline up his nose, then suck it out with that bulb thing. Babies hate that, but you have to do it. Try running a hot, hot shower & letting him breath in the steam. They do make baby Vicks rub, you could rub on his chest. Humidifier in his room while he sleeps....Really that's about it.

My daughter got pneumonia when she was 3 months old & was put on antibiotics. That was scarey..

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Take your child to the hospital if you are worrid. At one month old there is nothing you can give your child safely. If he is refusing food due to being congested this is serious as babies do not have any body fat to spare. Go to the local hospital and demand to be seen. It is better to be safe than sorry. They will check him over for your peace of mind and may be able to give him something that you cannot buy over the counter. A tip to be getting on with is raise his cot by putting two large books underneath the top two legs. This will sit him up slightly and will help the mucus to move away from his lungs. Now, go to the hospital to get him checked out, just for your own peace of mind. I am sure he will be fine but he needs to be seen before the 15th of April. Let me know how you got on.

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Get a hot shower going & get the bathroom steamed up. Then sit in there with him. If that isn't an option, you can boil water and stand by it with him. The heat should loosen up some of the congestion/mucus. My sitter has done this with my daughter (1yr) and it has helped her tremedously. Hang in there mom, it's very tough on you see your little one suffering:(

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Hope you found some help. When my son was little with a cold, onions and thyme helped him. Chopped some onions up and put them near the head of the bed where he's sleeping. It smells, but it helps ;) Also i made tea: burning some sugar adding water, chopped onions and dried thyme. When he was very young and i was breastfeeding i did drink it, a lot of it, so he got it this way.
Also i did give him some homeopathy meds, it took a long time, but it went a away.
The Vick's i put into a cloth, and than rapped it around his chest, so it didn't get in direct contact with the skin.


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I haven't read all the posts so may be repeating other posters...

You need a nasal aspirator. It is a thing that sucks the mucus out of the baby's nose. Ask for one at the pharmacy. Use the saline spray or drops first to loosen it all up, then a few minutes later suck it all out. When my baby was very sick very young I was suctioning his nose every hour because he was making mucus so fast couldn't breath properly!

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Not to worry you but my son was a month old and got sick too. His symptoms seemed like that but he kept projectiling vomit everywhere. The docs told me to try different formulas but I knew something else was wrong. You know when your child is ill. Turns out my son had plyoric stenosis. His stomach muscle blocked to formula from digestion and had to have surgery. No scars very quick and he is huge now!! Follow your gut!!! Try steam showers and vaporizers.

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Ahindris brought up a point I haven't considered.... Newborns still have a lot of the fluid from the sac in their chest. Is this what you are hearing? I worried about this myself and carried my boy in for this same reason. The doctor smiled at me so gentle, and she said, "If only I knew how to teach babies to clear their throats."
She is right, if you think about it.... They spent nine months in there floating in that fluid, their little bodies are full of it... their first poops prove that. So I can see how some would be in their sinuses and lungs. I think all the ladies giving you the advice to keep him upright is good advice, this would help it drain.

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My pediatrician and pharmacist said DO NOT put vicks on your child... however, they did say that putting a small amount on yourself and cuddling with your child will only help. It is not harmful in any way and would only help them with congestion.

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NOTHING over the counter. Just keep doing what your doing. I also have a 1month old and hes very congested doing all the same things vomiting and loose stool but the mucus has to come out some way. As long as he doesnt get a fever than nothing more than time and patience. They told me that hes phlegmy because he was a c-section baby and it could take as long as until hes 6months. GOOD LUCK

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If you don't feel good about putting the Vick's vapo-rub on him, put it on YOU and then spend some cuddle time.

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I feel for u deeply,my son at 6wks was diagnosed with bronchiolitis/phneumonia.When i brought him in the doctor told me just to give tylenol.I did not feel comfortable with this as i noticed his nails were a grayish colour.So I waited till the next day to see his ped,as my son could not sleep laying down and was refusing to eat.I knew there was something wrong.I seen the doc that same day he told me to come back if things didn't get better,I was there later on that night,admitting him.They helped him as much as they could in my town,eventually they had to send him CHEO,he was having apnic spells.Eventually the mucus broke up in his lungs,they were able to vacum it out slowly.Thankfully after about a week we were able to go home with some antibiotics.If u feel there's more wrong keep pushing for those answers,I did and thank god I did!

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I have an 8 mth old. He gets colds a lot. Unfortunetly for babies we cant give them anything for colds especially at your little ones age. So what do we do??? Get a vicks vaporizer put it by him so he breaths it in that will help with congestion... get little noses saline spray drops not the stuffy one he is too little still use the little noses or babies saline spray use it as often as it states also if he is real stuffed up and its not draining out then use the nose sucker thing. Hot baths that creat steam not to hot of course but warm baths will hepl the congestion. get him in to a doctor asap in case of infection like sinus infection if he cant hold his food down then u need to get him in right away whether to see your doc or someone else. Other than that thats all you can really do. Oh i think you can also use baby vicks rub on him too go check it out or look online for the age limit on it. Good Luck :)

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Aww poor baby and poor you, it breaks our hearts too see our babe sick. There isn't any meds you can give too him. You can try the smelly bath stuff my Johnson and Johnson, it comes in a green bottle, it smells strong, so you only need very little and I would soak a wash cloth in it first and then put alittle on his forearm too make sure he isn't allergic. Humifier might help, but it might get warm in his room. Someone mentioned warm shower that a good idea, if you can steam up the bathroom and have him sit in there with you that too can help. The spray is the best to loosen everything up. If you are worried, I would be likely to take him to the hospital to get checked. Your appt ist' for another 2 weeks. If he gets a fever then go without thought.

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Thank you to all of the mother's that responded to my question and concerns. I am going to take him to the hospital. Then on Monday I am going to make a complaint with his pediatrician because they should have some sort of emergancy care system set up and change him to another doctor's office!

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I would seriously consider calling other pediatricians in the area... It's not fair to make your NEWBORN suffer because your doctor is over booked. At the very least, take him to the local Health Dept.

I would NOT give the baby any medications without talking to a Ped. first, even if it's not your regular doctor.

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