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My son grinds his teeth while he sleeps, any suggestions on how to stop?


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Sarah - posted on 12/31/2008




My infant daughter has started to do this as her top teeth come in-- I hope it does not continue-- I would worry about dental issues.
My advice would be to talk to your dentist. There may be a kind of retainer of some kind they could wear. Best to talk to an expert to make sure what the issue is-- why he does it-- and to come up with a solution. Have you even thought it could be nerves or something like that?? Then the issue would be more psychological.

Marcie - posted on 12/31/2008




Hi, both my son and I have the same problem. My sister in law is a dental assistant so i approached her about it. I wasn't really worried cuz i've delt with it my whole life so its not so odd to me but sometimes I do get head aches and my jaw aches in the morning and I want to do what i can to help my son avoid this. What I found helpful was that while he is young and has his baby teeth there really isnt much to worry about. Like an earlier poster said, if he continues to do it into his adult teeth then he is at risk for easier cavities tooth decay etc because of grinding away the protective enamel. You can get a mouth guard from your dentist to help prevent that as well as minimize the headaches and jaw aches. They are also avail over the counter but they are not great quality and he will bite thru them in time.

Wendy - posted on 12/31/2008




most kids do tend to outgrow this problem as they start losing their deciduous teeth. however if your son is still grinding after he has lost a majority of his baby teeth then I would check with your dentist. Many people do continue to grind well into adulthood and a bite guard can certainly help in protecting the teeth from the constant wear caused from grinding. hope this helps

Joyce - posted on 12/31/2008




I have heard that a mouth guard - like one for sports helps with the tooth grinding.

Saira - posted on 12/31/2008




hi .. my daughter also has the smae problem .. i had to take her to the dentist .. who said it is something to do with how her teeth are set or alignment . iam not sure deep set or something like this .. so the facial muscles try to compensate that by strching the the whole day .. so when at night they sleep the msucles are trying to relax and move back to their original place so ....thats what causes the night ...

the other reason can be if they are stressed because of something .. many doctors also beileve that its habbit and u can do nothing about it...and have to stop them... idon't agree with that in children cases...


any ways i hope i helped .. but do check with the dentist .. my daughte is 6 now and she is slowing getting out of it....specailly as she is loosing her milk teeth and new ones are coming .. good luck i know how annoying and some time even scary it is to hear them from the other side of the wall...

here is an article may be it will hepl u understand better... good luck


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