My son only wants to eat meat

Eloise - posted on 12/16/2008 ( 8 moms have responded )




The only veggies he eats are peas, pumpkin, fries, squash an sweet potato. He is 3 years old and has never eaten any kind of fruit - I tried once or twice with apple and banana, but he gags when it's in his mouth. Because he eats almost only meat he becomes constipated. Is he ever going to eat fruit? He does drink fruit juice.


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i agree with tami, just keep offering the fruit, and dont give up too quick, it wont last for ever....and he is eating veggies.

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Don't worry about food binges. They are common in young children -- when I was young I ate salami on wheat with ketchup every day for 2 years. You son will not suffer malnutrition, because he has craves meat right now. When his growing body needs other types of nutrition, his appetite for foods containing those nutrients will increase.


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I have the same problem with my 4 year old; only vegie she eats are corn & potatoes & only fruit she eats are green apples, green grapes & strawberries. She's also a fussy eater so our menu's very restricted. I've used the "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook & put pureed sweet potato in pancakes, chicken nuggets & pasta sauce, pureed cauliflower in mash potatoes, pureed carrots in pasta sauces again. The best one in her recipe was pureed carrot & spinach in brownines. :-)

Since she loves the meat; one thing as well is I make my own healthy bake chicken nuggets and fish fingers and like the other moms hide a bit of vegie in meatballs.

I crack my brain everyday thinking about what to make for my kids that's healthy and that they won't reject; today is half healthy baked fish fingers with chips for lunch & dinner is braised chicken with potatoes with rice. I have to figure out where to fit in the vegies. Fingers crossed.

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I've heard that most parents offer a food 3 times, but it takes a child 7 times to actually like a food. Try yogurt too, my 13 month old daughter loves to suck the yogurt from a straw.

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Try making things like meatballs with other veggies grinded into it. food processors are great for disguising foods! If he drinks fruit juices, try making your own fruit juices at home, he will think its fun to help make his own juice! My daughter will eat anything if she helped make it! You could also try buying vegetarian meat products. That will help the constipation too!

Shannon - posted on 12/16/2008




Have you tried smoothies? If he likes fruit juice, maybe he'd like a fruit smoothie. Bananas and strawberries together, etc.

Tami - posted on 12/16/2008




Yes. My son is the same way. Just keep introducing the stuff to him and he will probably go in cycles. Sounds like he is getting a lot of veggies. Just make sure he takes vitamins to supplement. Eventually he will eat fruits. Try mixing them into the veggies (pureed) so that he doesn't notice. Fruit is sweet, so it should make the veggies taste better.

My son was a freak about meat, now not so much. I just keep changing what he has in front of him and hope he takes a couple bites. With kids, you have to look at the weeks nutrition, not daily. They are too picky and it will drive you nuts. Good Luck!

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