My Super Stubborn 3 year old

Courtney - posted on 01/10/2018 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 3 year old little boy who doesn't think he has to listen to anything or anyone. He is super smart and know exactly what you are telling him to do and he know right from wrong but chooses his own path and it is impossible to make him listen to anything he doesn't want to listen to. I have tried everything: Stern voice, Timeout, Spanking(yes I know everyone don't agree, but my version of a spanking is a pop on the bottom or hand), I have tried taking him to the side and talking to him trying to explain why he needs to listen, I have taken away toys and cartoons... name it! I have tried and nothing has worked thus far.. He is a great kid and super sweet and his good days are the ones I cherish so much and wish he had more good then bad because I am at wits end and don't know what else to do.... Please anyone I need some advise in a serious way.... Thank You


Michelle - posted on 01/11/2018




At this age they do test the boundaries.
Consistency is the key with discipline. It really depends on what he is doing as to what consequence you use but make sure you are consistent. Pick something he loves and take it away. It could be a toy, watching a certain show or even just having an icecream. Don't give in and if you take away an object then he doesn't get it back until he can tell you what he did wrong to have it taken away.

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