Naming one of your unborn children of a deceased family member.

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We named our first daughter after her alive grandma. and now I am having trouble on this. My boyfriend/mother want our daughter to be named after his deceased family member. The first name was of his aunt but we thought that name would be to emotional for everyone. Now he is bringing up his cousin which is the daughter of our aunt that tragically died. he feels that Jamie was taken from us and we should honor her. I feel that our daughter should have her own name. I don't want to seem like a cold heart ed person. I think that she should have her own identity,personality and own name. I am saying no and he doesn't want to here anything else. Help how do I handle this??


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I like Bri's idea- or use the same initials (some other J name?).

We have family names for our children- William Paul (william is both fraternal grandfathers, long passed away, Paul is my father's name) and Gabriel Richard (Richard is my grandfather's name, still living, Gabriel has faith meaning) and our next will either be Tobias Arthur (Tobias for the passage and book we had read at our wedding- Tobit, and Arthur for husband's cousin who died over ten years ago at a young age) or Annmarie Jean (Ann after my grandmother, deceased five years, marie for her last name- maselek, and Jean is my midddle name and my mothers middle name. Family names are fine if AlL parties agree and if you already like the name. But don't feel pressured. Compromise if you can.

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sounds like there needs to be a middle ground, list your point across and have your dh's, (dearest husband) and come to an agreement. can the deceased person s name be a middle name?


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Thank you so much. I am glad there are placing like this that you can talk to other moms. Mothers being moms and trying to raise there kids healthy. I like how there are conversations seem to match up with what happening now and not ten yers from now. Thank you Bri

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