Nervous to leave baby , help please

Hyosakisama1993 - posted on 11/24/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi.. I recently had my precious daughter Raeleigh on ,October 3rd of this year. Im super nervous to leave her with anyone. Its gotten to the point where I'll take her with me to the restroom, kitchen & overthink even if I'm in the same house as her. I just don't want nothing bad to happen that i could've prevented. Such as physical or sexual abuse. Has anyone else ever thought this way? & i have to return to work very soon , i really need tips or advice. Could me breastfeeding her ,have something to do with why im so attached?.Or is this just every mothers thoughts/instincts in general?


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Janeyschumacher - posted on 11/25/2016




That is a normal feeling. I didn't go through the whole, not wanting to leave her when I go to the restroom, but my both of my best friends did with their kids. You just need to look around at good daycares and look at reviews, some, more costly ones, have where there is a video set up in the kids room, so you can watch what goes on. I have people who I have always trusted with my children, and I will trust.

This world is not as scary as we see it to be. There is more good than bad, but unfortunately there is bad that exists. When looking for daycares, make sure you ask whatever questions you need to, maybe Google an article that gives you good questions to ask. Just so you can have more peace of mind.

Dove - posted on 11/24/2016




It's pretty normal. She's not even 2 months old yet. It is something you are going to have to get figured out if you are going back to work though. I didn't work when my girls were little and only 'left' them (as in going out and not on the same property still) w/ someone other than their father 3 times in their first year. I had to work when my son was a baby, but I did daycare... so he was w/ me. Other than a couple of times he was sleeping I never left him at all his first year.

Not being able to leave the room w/out her might be a tad extreme and could potentially be a sign of PPD, but otherwise I'd say you are a totally normal first time mom. ♥

Michelle - posted on 11/24/2016




As Mother's we do want to protect our children but we do have to learn to trust others.
What are your plans when you go back to work about who will care for your daughter?

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