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ive been potty trainning since december i tried november when my son was two but i made him scared so i stopped and took a relaxed aproached to it he cant tell me when he needs a wee so i was putting him on every hour and that worked but these days he has started to bring it to me every couple of days then if he dont i just sit him on it but he wont do anything he can sit there happily for ages but still nothing he knows when he has to go poo poo and walks over to the potty but still doesnt know when he needs a wee and some days will just not use the potty at all. he has sweets everytime he goes and stickers and praise


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My sons potty training has been a long process. I took a passive approach. He's always liked using the potty but struggled knowing when he needed to go and also needed to go quite often.
What helped us was having potty days and a lot of child-led training. When he was up for it (and I was) I'd put him in underwear for the morning, afternoon or all day. As long as he wasn't being negative about it. This helped him to learn how to tell when he needed to pee. Of course there were a lot of accidents at first and he got frustrated. We had to take a break for a few months until he was willing to try it again. But out of the blue he didn't want to put his diaper back on after I changed him in the morning. I asked him if he wanted to wear his big boy underwear and he said yes. (He was just shy of 2 1/2)
Week 1: 30% accident-free
Week 2: 50%
Week 3: 90%
Week 4: 95% (still having about one accident a day)
We're now on Week 8 and this week he's been 100% and he also did his first poo this week.
He still needs a diaper during his nap and at night but that's the next step we're working on.
He also learned to stay dry longer.
I think some kids just take longer (or maybe it has something to do with us starting earlier than they're ready).
My SD and my son's friend weren't PT until they were over 3 years. They both out right refused the potty and then suddenly were trained day and night over a weekend. :P

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