Quick questions about pull-ups!

Melanie - posted on 10/27/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'll be giving potty training another shot in six months and I have some question about diapers versus pull-ups! Alright first one, simply which do you prefer diapers or pull-ups and do pull-ups hold more or less than diapers? My son has a lot of pee accidents but doesn't pee a lot at once and I don't want to change diapers frequently, I usually change every 2-3 hours. Do you change after every pee accident or just continue using them until you normally change a diaper? Also, when if comes to potty time, if he has a potty accident and wants to go potty thirty minutes later, after he's done sitting on the potty do you just pull back on the pull-up and continue using it until it's time to change, or change it right then? What if it's a little pee/it happened while on the way to the potty? Thanks for the advice! No cloth suggestions please! Also, can't do undies this time until he's completely done training/accident free, can't handle the messes! :(


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/28/2016




Why no cloth suggestions? For one, they are cheaper than either diapers or pull ups, and for another, the child feels the moisture much sooner than in a diaper or pull up.

My kids were each different. One basically trained himself by 3.5 or so. The other was boot camp trained, straight to undies and had to clean them out himself, but only after he indicated that he knew what the toilet was for, and he knew that by wearing diapers he wouldn't have to stop what he was doing. He was trained, but not accident free, in a week.

You have to do this on his timetable, not yours when he indicates knowledge and desire to use the toilet is when you should start, and don't expect it to be instant.

Btw, my eldest couldn't wear store bought diapers, so I learned early on that cloth is actually more cost effective and easier when we get to the next stage.

Either way, good luck!

Dove - posted on 10/28/2016




Frequent accidents mean he's not ready. I do not think pull ups hold quite as much as a diaper (though I haven't used them in a decade), but really the only difference between the two is that pull ups are easier for the child to get on/off themselves.... and they are typically more expensive. My son refused to wear anything other than a diaper and he potty trained himself in diapers, so there was the 'hassle' of me needing to put his diaper back on for him every time he used the toilet... but in the grand scheme of things that's no big deal.

It's really up to you and whatever works best for your son. Personally... I'm 'against' potty training. I prefer just letting the kid do it when they want to. The only actual pull ups experience I have is w/ my daughters. They potty trained at 18 months and were 100% successful from the beginning... but ONLY if they were awake and naked. lol Any type of bottoms on them and the success rate dropped to maybe 50... so they were naked at home a lot and in pull ups to sleep or when we left the house. Sometimes they would use the toilet out of the house... and other times we'd be taking a wet pull up off when we got home. ;)

Sarah - posted on 10/28/2016




My guess is if he is having that many accidents he is not ready to train. He needs to physically have the muscle development to hold it. I would wait until he is staying dry for long periods of time before starting again. As Michelle said it is easier when they are ready.

Michelle - posted on 10/28/2016




I would suggest that you potty train when he's ready. Boys do tend to train later than girls and if you try to train him before he's ready then it will take a lot longer.
I would only use pullups when we went out, at home I just put them in undies. It's the best way. If he's ready to train then the accidents won't be many.

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