reasonable bedtime for 5 and a half year old

Michelle - posted on 02/17/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




Im a step mother to a 5 and a half year old. His mother puts him to bed at half past nine. This seems to me to be too late for a little kid. ive been trying to get him into bed by half 8 and remember as a child of his age my bed time was half 7. No matter what time he goes to bed he is up by 6am. What are your thoughts?


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Rita - posted on 09/18/2012




At just 5 and a half he needs to be in bed by 8:00p.m. Even though he still wakes early you get your best sleep before midnight, this has been a proven fact. When my children were at that age they were in bed at 7:30 and they never questioned it. Of course I would allow a little later on the wknd. but not by abt. one hour. His mother may allow him to stay up but I'm sorry I have to disagree. I dont' know what he is like in the evening if he is up later (cranky, happy, etc) but 9:30 is definetly to late. He is still at a growing stage, he is still developing his skills and he needs his sleep. I know now parents' are allowing their children more time up because others' do. It doesn't mean that you have to follow suit. The schools' also know who gets enough sleep and who doesn't. Sleep is important!!

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My daughter is 5 1/2 too! Her daddy and I have a set bedtime routine which begins at 7:30 and ends promptly with her in bed no later than 8:00.

Stacey-Marie - posted on 02/17/2010




My daughter is 5, she goes to bed at 7 but she doesn't always go to sleep until a bit later but as long as she isn't noisy and stays in her room we dont mind her reading books and she turns the light off when she gets sleepy which can be an hour later (sometimes sooner, sometimes later than this.

Julie Ann - posted on 02/17/2010




i think each child is an individul also. it seems looking back over the years my daughter always like my husband went to bed earlier and up earlier. than always my son is a nightowl like myself and up later like myself. if u agree to a time to go to bed that suits your needs and is fair for age, then if child can't sleep at least they stay in bed and read until lights out time that suits them.. you have your peace and time out and they sleep as needed. but the trick would b to actually stay in bed, not leave the room, ask for drinks etc. and watch them, if overtired next day you may need to adjust lights out time. i think too what suits your home suits you, and what suits the other home suits them.

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I have a six year old who goes to bed at around 8.30pm latest school nights. Normally she is in bed before this, but thats the latest she normally stays awake. She normally sleeps for a good 11 hours, and she seems fully recharged for school. But of course, the earlier the better in my opinion.

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Actually Julie, research shows the following:

- 10-12 hours sleep for 5 year olds

- 9-11 hours for 8 year olds

- 8-10 hours for early teens

So no, not every child requires 12 hours, it is a very individual thing.

Julie - posted on 02/17/2010




Research says that a child (even school age children) needs around 12 hours of sleep. Our daughter is almost 3 & her bedtime is 6:30pm, she usually sleeps till about 6am. I remember as a child my bedtime was never later than 8:30pm as parents need a bit of quiet time before bed to!! Being the stepmum may make it a bit harder if you have to convince his mum & dad to start putting him to bed earlier! I agree with you, i think half nine is to late. Good luck with things!!

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My daughter is just going on 5 and has started school this year, and while I would like her in bed by 7:30, but often it drags out to 8pm or 8:30, but she wakes at 7am each morning, so I am not as fussed by the 8:30 bedtime. The only reason I struggle is because her older brother is 12 and never goes to bed until 8:30 (and then is allowed to read, but she doesn't know that, LOL).

Michelle, I agree with you that 9:30pm is way too late. However, how often does he come to your house? This can be a tough one when bedtimes differ in different houses. I have a step son (he is 10) and he is allowed up half the night at home. When he is here, it is only alternate weekends and school holidays, but I still have 8:30 bedtimes for the kids most nights. But it is a bit easier to get a 10 year old to bed than a 5 year old!!!

Also, just keep in mind that different kids need different sleep. For instance, my 12 year old has ALWAYS been a sleepy kid. He didn't give up daytime naps until he was at school, and up until only a couple of years ago, his bedtime was 7:30 because he really needed his 12 hours sleep. My daughter, however, gave up daytime sleeps at 2, and seems to thrive with only 10-11 hours sleep a day :) They are just different kids.

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