Scared myself with my own frustration

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So my daughter is 10 months old and she hasn't slept through the night since she turned 6 months s. She used to sleep so well. I have tried everything I can think of possible to get her to sleep all night. The last month has been the worst!! She will wake up every half hour until I give up and get frustrated and put her bed with me and my husband. So tonight I tried making her sleep in her own bed and she slept there for two hours but I've been so exhausted that I got really frustrated tonight and accidently slammed my daughters head down on the bed a little harder than I meant to. I feel so horrible about it that I thought I caused her damage....I made her stay up to make sure she was alright. She's completely fine but me on the other hand I feel like the worst mom ever.. Hope no one thinks I'm a bad mom for this


Sarah - posted on 06/29/2016




You aren't a bad mom. You are tired and frustrated and you recognize that what happened was not ok and are asking for support. When I had my first baby I completely understood how people can be driven to shake their baby. I as so frustrated with his crying. Does the baby have his own room? If not, I'd try to make that happen. As long as your are in the same room, he is not going to want to sleep without you.
Lots of things can interrupt a healthy sleep pattern and mess it up for a long time. Whether it was illness, vaccinations, teething, growth, whatever now it is time to look towards fixing the sleep. Making sure baby gets enough naps during the day will improve night time sleep. An overtired baby will not sleep better. Set a follow a routine as best you can and really stick to a bedtime routine. Dinner, quiet play, bath, nurse or bottle/cup, books and snuggles and off to bed. While it is very hard to listen to your child cry, remember that no baby every dies from crying. She will tire and fall asleep. You can go in to her, pat her back and tell her "night, night time for sleep" this will likely increase her crying for a time. If she cries for two hours and you move her, you aer teaching her to keep crying until she gets put in your bed. Does she use a pacifier or a special lovey blanket? If you don't want her in your bed, then do not bring her there, sit and rock her or walk with her and return her to the crib. She will learn a way to soothe herself and mastering falling back to sleep is a skill that takes some time to learn.
You are not a bad mom, so hang in there. Good Luck!

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