Should I start dating again??

Sonia - posted on 09/29/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 3 year old has been just us since he was born and even before that. I haven't dated anyone since his dad...his dad is no where involved in our lives and won't be...but i recently met someone who seems to be nice and who asked me out on a date....every guy who has had me out prior to that, i have always had an excuse and i have always been busy...working full time and then just giving my time to my baby...idk if i should give this guy a chance. he seems nice and we have been talking over the phone and sometimes our calls go way over an hour.....but my concern is if i start dating will my baby sense something, is it too early or he too young for me to start dating...idk if i am making sense...i just dont want my baby to feel like i am less time with him...and i dont want to go out with this guy and introduce my baby to him right away...i rather get to know him well and see if he is really with good intentions and wants something serious....he knows i am a single mom and has told me that he understands that it is sometimes dificult for me to go out


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If he seems like a nice guy, you guys have things in common, and you WANT to start dating... there is nothing wrong w/ it. Definitely take things slow and be cautious and wait to introduce him to your child for a while (typically at least 6 months) and when you do introduce them keep it just as 'a friend of mom's' for quite a while more. You definitely do not want to be bringing guys in and out of his life that he gets attached to and then loses.

Your son is definitely old enough to be left w/ trusted family or a sitter a few times a month, so you can get some 'you' time... whether you are dating or just going out w/ some girlfriends for a movie or something.

Me, personally... I don't/won't date for many reasons (almost all having to do w/ ME and not my kids), but that's not something 'I' want in my life. If it's something you want and you take it slow always keeping your son's well being in mind first... enjoy!

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