Since when do doctors tell you to grin your teeth and bare pain?

Tiffany - posted on 06/14/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




Okay so get this, im 38 weeks and 1 day along and i have had huge amounts of pressure between my legs to the point that i have to walk and sit with my legs open. I went to the doctors today for my weekly check up and i told the drs about this pressure. He told me ther was nothing they could do for me and to grin my teeth and bare the pain. baby is ready to be born but my body is not ready to let him out....i have tried to walk, tried the bath and the sex with the hubby....i dont kno what else to do and i have a 19 month old already! anyone have any idea on anything i could try or what i could say to the drs to actually have then do something??


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You used a huge keyword in your said HE.

How exactly is a man going to tell you how to ease labor pain? He can't. He's never experienced it.

I used midwives...those women had a few tricks that really helped me along those last few weeks...Women CAN give you advice on easing the pressure...they have experienced it.

Like Kate said, rocking on all fours helps. If you have an exercise ball, you can rock on that too. I found a $4.00 toy ball that works just great for me...without buying a $112.00 "labor ball"

Whine until your husband will massage your back for you. I loved it when my husband would grind a tennis ball into my lower back.

Eating pineapple, having sex...dancing naked in the moonlight...none of it worked for me. What made me go into labor was when my baby's lungs were fully developed, he emitted a hormone called surfactant that triggered my labor. SCIENCE makes us go into labor...not castor oil.

Read more here... can lose parts of your mucus plug early...and it will regenerate itself.

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My daughter was over due and was feeling LOTS of pressure down there for some time. I went home one night, got on all fours, arched my back, and swiveled my hips back and forth. Also knees on the floor, hands on the coffee table, and swivel. Contractions started within a couple hours. I didn't believe it when I was told, but would try anything! It worked!

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Get on all fours and rock back and forth. This will help get the baby off your cervix and get her into the right position to be born. Squats can also help open up the pelvis and move the baby into the right position for birth.

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The doctors cant do anything.

Unfortunately, you are pregnant, and the pressure your body is experiencing is in preparation for you baby to be born.

There is nothing a doctor can do to relieve that pressure unless they induce your labor... which causes a higher risk for cesarean, and further medical intervention.

There is physically nothing a doctor can do. What do you expect from them to do or say?

There are things you can research to alleviate your pains. Look into belly band, sleep with lots of pillows, ice packs, whatever you need to do to feel comfortable.

I think your expectations for your doctors in this scenario are unrealistic.

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I felt like my baby was ready to be born at 37 weeks but I went to 41 and 3 days! I was also induced because she wasn't ready to come out and had an emergency caesar. Being induced really sucks.

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When you're pregnant lol they always just used to tell me to take Panadol and rest and drink lots of water.

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Yep, not a lot they can do. I was in a very slow labor with my last. My contractions were so consistant and strong, that my doc thought for sure I was in active labor. After a day in the hosp, I only made it 1/2 a cm. I was 37 weeks, so of course, no induction. In fact where I live by law unless there is a need, docs aren't allowed to induce labor til 39 weeks. I went a week and a 1/2 like that before my water finally broke and I was 4cm. I still had the strong consistant contractions after that, but didn't progress until about 8hrs later when he gave me pitocin, because he was afraid of infection. I know it hurts, and it's miserable, but you don't have much longer.

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Danielle, At this point im not mad cuz they couldnt do anything it is the fact that they did not offer anything to help it. And i espect the drs to have something to offer, you dont have to have an attitude with someone and say that what thye might wanna hear is unrealilistic, but honestly if a dr told you that i think you would be a bit upset too.

I have been having this pressure since i was about 6 1/2 months and at this point i am wicked unconfertable and the fact is they are supposed to offer something even if it is soemthing you have already tried. I am aginst having a c section and getting induced, but i kno for the simple fact that some of my family are nurses and ob speicalists, that there are things they could do like strip my membranes, to help me gpo into labor on my own. As i said in my orginal post that my body is what is not ready, not my son!! He is down and heavy enough but i am not having hardly any contraction or dialiating at all. My plug is gone!

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