Single mother of 12 year old daughter

Savita - posted on 07/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter lost her father on 20th July 2012 due to cancer. She was very found of her father but she is very strong. I was in hospital for one & half month with her father but fail to give her father to her. I was very scared haw to tell my daughter about her father death but thanks to my cousin she told everything to her and my daughter reacted so strongly that i was surprised. When i came home alone without her father she told me mama papa is with us he can see us from the sky so dont cry. She says that her father is seeing her everytime from the sky. She never cry in front of me but i know she miss her father too much as he was her hero. My parents and my cousin are staying with me and it is a great support for me.

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Mary - posted on 07/10/2013




I think your daughter is very brave but don't forget she's a child. If I were you, I'd look into counseling because with a person who is not you she may feel more open to grief. Maybe she thinks she needs to be strong for you, and don't say you fail, you did what you could and can't go agaisnt nature. I think both of you would benefit from talking to an expert. It doesn't mean you or your child need therapy, but it's a life changing situation, and you both need to grief your own way

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