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Marissa - posted on 07/18/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My son has never been much of a sleeper, so this may sound odd. I'm just not used to it. My son has been sleeping a lot lately. He's a year old. Just to give you an idea. Last night he was in bed by 8pm, woke up a couple times through the night and woke up for the day at around 11:30am. Then he went down for a nap at 1:30 and slept for 2 hours and was back in bed by 7:30pm. I was just wondering, I know that if he's sleeping this much he probably needs it, but should I be letting him sleep in this late?


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Becky - posted on 07/18/2010




My daughter is 8 months old and has always slept alot. She can sleep for a total of 5-7 hrs during the day as well as all night but recently I would get her up in the morning for her bottle & when she finished she wld just cry til I put her back to bed & wld sleep til 10 or 11am.
I was getting concerned so asked my dr about it & he said some babies do sleep alot but my daughter might be sleeping a bit too much & she could have tests to see if there is a medical reason for it.
I am not too keen on the blood tests so I am trying to get her into a good, solid sleeping pattern with a wake up time and then 2 sleeps during the day and it seems to be working ok.
I think she might have been going thru a growth spurt or teething (or both).
If it's a recent change then it sounds like a growth spurt but if you are worried take Gibson to the dr - you can never be too careful. I am a qualified childcare worker & have lots of training but I take my daughter to the dr if I am worried - I don't care if people think I am fussy & over protective, I just want her to be ok.
Good luck with everything

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my son does this when he's growing, isn't it wonderful! let her sleep, as long as it's not making her cranky and fussy to get to sleep at night. the only thing i could think of, is is she getting a lot of sun? too much sun can also make kids very sleepy, and lethargic when they're awake. but chances are it;s a growth spurt!

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Children require more sleep when going through a growth spurt. My son also sleeps more when he is sick.

Dora - posted on 07/18/2010




It sounds like he may be going through a growth spurt but definitely call your Ped and double check. My son usually sleeps approx. 12-13hrs a night and then follows it with a nap anywhere from 1-3hrs.
His usual scheduled is bedtime 7:30pm/8pm to between 7:30am-9am then an afternoon nap. This is normal for him but I know every child is different.

Jacki - posted on 07/18/2010




i let my little one who is 1 sleep when ever she wants it, now that she is more active she wears herself out much easier plus with heaps of new things happining like new food etc she is also sick at the moment. Maybe it might be an idea to take your son in for a check up the doctor will tell you if there is anything to worry about, i just think he is wearing himself out with all the new things he is learning hope this helps good luck :-)

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