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Peggy - posted on 10/03/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is 30 and is getting married. I am a widow and I cannot afford to pay anything financially. Brides parents are paying for most of it and are financially okay with that but I am feeling guilty! What to do....even etiquette speaking! What can I do?

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Jenny - posted on 11/20/2015




Its okay just talk to them they will understand! Family helps family out and now they are a part of your family. Even just saying thank you is a lot of gratitude

Jodi - posted on 10/03/2015




He is 30. I agree that the couple are old enough and established enough to pay for their own wedding. By all means, provide a contribution (when I married, my parents gave me $1000 toward the reception so we could afford to invite all the relatives), but it is ridiculous for a couple this age to assume parents will pay for it, especially is said couple is already living together, have already been living out of home as independent adults.

Sarah - posted on 10/03/2015




The bride's family paying for the wedding dates from the era of when married women did not work. They stayed home and kept house. Today, a couple should pay for the wedding themselves. If you can contribute something, like the flowers, or the photographer, then great. But if both the bride and groom to be work, it is on them (IMO) to pay for the day!

Michelle - posted on 10/03/2015




Well I personally think the days of the parents (Bride's usually) paying for the wedding is outdated. I think if a couple want to get married they should pay for it themselves!
The traditional thing was the Bride's family paid for everything but that's rarely done these days.
Have you spoken to your son or his fiance? Has anyone said anything about you not contributing?
I think you are stressing over nothing really.

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