Step Children Not Invited :-(

Laura - posted on 09/07/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )





My sister is planning a sweet 16 for my niece. She has told me that myself, my new husband and my adult bio daughter (and her husband) are invited but not my step children (ages 19 & 22). She said that they have invited a lot of people and to include stepchildren would just be too much. I'm newly married however my step children have recently been attending family functions. I'm torn because I love my sister and niece however I'm thinking that as sad as it makes me, I need to "walk the walk--we are one family and it's not acceptable to include one adult child and not the other two. Thoughts?


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Raye - posted on 09/08/2015




I think it's very rude that your sister wouldn't want to invite your step-kids. I don't know how two more people would be "too much". However, it's probably not worth getting into a squabble over. The step-kids are adults and it is their "cousin's" birthday, not someone in the immediate family. So, it's probably not that big a deal.

I am a step-mom (no bio-kids), and my sister didn't wish me a happy Mother's Day until our mom said something to her. She barely remembers to invite me to her kids parties, let alone inviting my family too, but then she wonders why we're not closer sisters... BAH! Sometimes you just have to realize your family is who they are. You can love them and not like them at the same time.

Michelle - posted on 09/08/2015




I'm with Jodi. They are adults so I wouldn't make a fuss. It's not as if the step children are 5 and you would need to get babysitters.

Jodi - posted on 09/08/2015




Before you make any the step children actually want to attend? Do they know this niece very well?

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