Vaginal bleeding after c-section

Jackie - posted on 01/23/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I had an emergency c-section with my daughter! After the 6 weeks I figured the bleeding would stop but it lasted 13! I was so excited that it was finally done until 2 weeks later when I started bleeding again. Now I bleed every 2 weeks. Some weeks it is only a few days and others its a full 7 day period cramps and all. I just finished a period on Saturday and started again last night (Thursday). I'm also breast feeding any pointers? Oh I have been on the mini pill for 4 months.


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Kin - posted on 01/23/2015




I bled for 3mo after my C-section, then off and on for another 3mo, every couple weeks. It tapered down and stopped at about the 6 month mark and went back to normal.

Birth control gave me a 7mo period at one point too... talk to your doc, it could be serious or it could be the pill or it could be nothing but a pain in the uterus!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/23/2015




You might actually be having break through bleeding on the pill. I would call your doctor and get in for an appointment to figure this out. Good luck!

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