very upset with daughter

Helen - posted on 04/19/2017 ( 5 moms have responded )




24 yr old daughter living at home going for her masters and works full time. New boyfriend that is 24 has no drivers license and works in a box store. She is sleeping over his house most of the time and I'm upset she's going to throw her career away.


Dove - posted on 04/25/2017




It's her life to live and do as she sees fit. If you do not like her coming and going by all means ask her to move out... or at least to call and let you know which days she is sleeping at home and which days she is not (out of respect, so you don't worry). Many, many, many people in this world do not have a driver's license and manage just fine. He has a job... and now a girlfriend. What makes you think she's going to throw her career away simply because she is sleeping at his house? There are a lot of people in this world who manage to have relationships and careers. If she is working full time AND going to school she is clearly capable of at least some time management. ... and if she decides to pursue a different path? So what? As long as she is content and self sufficient why would it upset you?


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Carol Many - posted on 04/25/2017




It is so hard to let our grown up kids go, jsut as hard when we desperately want to help and we are not asked. Detachment is a skill to learn but when we do we can truly say; thy will O lord not mine. All we can do is support them.

Michelle - posted on 04/19/2017




Like Ev said, she's an adult and can make her own choices.
Nothing you have written here says that she is throwing her own career away, she's still studying and working full time. I don't see the problem except that the boyfriend doesn't meet YOUR standards. Have you even met him? Have you made the effort to get to know him? He may surprise you.

Ev - posted on 04/19/2017




She is an adult and can decide what to do with her life. If you do not like her ways then you could have her move out.

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