Victoria's Secret for 11 year old girls!?!?!?!

Marie - posted on 12/17/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My step daughter of eight years came over the other eve. She was dressing for bed and I noticed she had on VS pink lace panties. Her mother bought them for her of course and I was told "All the OTHER girls at school wear them. It's ok because they are boy shorts." Etc.
I'm just confused as missed the memo that we are now buying our daughters VS lace underwear while they are still falling asleep to the Disney Channel! Just interested in other's thoughts.

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Amy - posted on 12/18/2014




I'm assuming they're from the pink collection which is geared towards teens, it's not like she's wearing thongs. I personally don't see a problem with it, it's undrwear and everyone needs to wear it...

Ev - posted on 12/17/2014




I guess it depends on the mother. I would not have gotten VS underwear for my daughter at this age nor as a teen. But its her mother's choice. Its not like the child is in danger of anything going on unless you have other proof of things that are not said here.

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