What about kids who are caught stealing

Jennifer - posted on 03/06/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




My 9 yr old has been stealing things from stores and other people but i dont think he actually realizes it until we get home. How do i deal with this?


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Dove - posted on 07/21/2014




11 or 10, Chelsea? lol

This post is 4 years old... and I'd certainly be concerned w/ a child old enough to know better actually stealing.

Chelsea - posted on 07/21/2014




dont worry my daughter is 10 yrs old and she stole a pack of skittles from piggly wiggly.

Gianina - posted on 03/06/2010




I agree with everybody. Best to send him back to the store and have him apologize and pay the item. THEN give him a punishment at home. In the future, before going out to the stores or anywhere else, talk to your 9 yr old that you expect him to behave and what will happen if he steals again. You need to watch him carefully, because he may have that 'tendency' feeling. You need to catch him on the act. I know it's a hard work but you (and all of us) would do anything to get our kids back on the right path.

One mother I know did one step above what I suggested. Her 10 yr old would steal and fight back. She took him to the police dept, discussed the situation with the police officer that she needs their help in reforming his behavior. They were willing to help. They explained the stealing situation and what happens to those who violates the law. They even showed him the local Juvenile Jail. I believe that She even request an officer to meet them at a mall (where he often steals) and watch from a distant. AMAZING.

I'm sure that you'll do great with him.

Julie - posted on 03/06/2010




i agree make him return them and apologise. my son asked for sweets in the supermarket one day and i told him no cos we were havin dinner when we got home so while i was packing the shopping he put the sweet in his pocket. when i got home and realised i marched him straight back made him apologise to the supervisor in the shop and pay for the sweets. to pay me back he had to go outside and clean up after the dog. he was about 8 at the time. humiliation now will hopefully be a deterant and stop it now before he gets older. it doesnt mena he's a bad boy or your a bad mum he is just testing the boundaries and seeing what he can get away with or if people will see him.

Wendy - posted on 03/06/2010




from the very first time and any time after he should be made to return the item with a apoligy to the owner......and obviously a good talk afterword from you about the inportance of respecting other ppl property and exactly how he would feel if something was stolen from him......at 9 he knows its stealing don't kid yourself, honestly unless you have taught him nothing ..lol.....he knows.....smarter than you think and they can be very convincing to mom beacuse it's hard to think bad of your own kids.........i hope and i think with good guidence from you he will grow out of this soon...........hope i helped....and yes when i was a kid i stole .....lol.....but stoped very fast when my mom marched me back to apoligise and return the item.

Jackie - posted on 03/06/2010




Your 9 year old realizes he is stealing unless he has some mental disablity that doesn't allow him to realize. Since you haven't mentioned this I would assume your 9 year old has right from wrong figured out by now. His world needs to come crashing down around him. This is already a serious problem if its happened more then once. You need to be very clear about what happens to stealers. No toys, no video games, no anything in his bedroom except his bed, pillow, blankets and clothes because thats still more then he would get in jail. You also need him to return EVERYTHING he has taken and make him apoligize. If he has stolen say candy bars from a store he needs to EARN the money and then go pay the stores back.

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