What are the advantages/disadvantages of giving birth at home & in the hospital?

Kristine Nikki - posted on 04/12/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




advantages/disadvantages of giving birth At home...


Meilan - posted on 04/12/2010




I think this really depends on the hospital too.

I gave birth in hospital because it's 'safer' (and in the end we needed it!), but I had nothing like the previous poster mentioned. I had a huge, home-like, quiet room with everything you could possibly want. There was a bed, birthing pool, shower, birthing ball, room to walk around, music, tv, ... I didn't get checked all the time and I only saw two midwives and one doctor the whole time I was in labour.

In the end, things did go wrong and in no time I and baby were on all machines needed to keep us alive and healthy. They called in 5 midwives, 2 doctors and two pediatricians and they all arrived within minutes. So we were very lucky.

A family member who was booked in for a home birth a few weeks after me, changed her plans because of what happened to us. If we had a home birth we would've been too late.

This is not meant to scare you. I'm just trying to show that things can go wrong and home birth is not just a nice, romantic experience. The most important thing is the health of you and baby.


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Tiffany - posted on 04/12/2010




I prefer hospital births. Ive never had a home birth but these are my reasons for loving the hospital birth. If u need anything at all, someone is there to get it for u. Unlimited amount of drinks....lol. my fav part haha. If there are to many people there and u want some alone time, you can tell the nurses no more visitors and they can keep people out with out the akward moment of having to tell people to leave. Educated medical staff if something goes wrong. Pain meds if u need them b4 during and after delivery. They come in and change your sheets for you. Constant care of your baby. If you need some rest or want to walk around the hospital to get a change of scenery for a moment there is a nursery to take them to. And i was not strapped down. I was able to get up and walk b4 my water broke. And right after delivery. I was able to have guests as long as i wanted. And as many as i wanted but only 2 guest during delivery. My son who was 20 months when my girl was born was able to come and spend time with me. It was just fun fo me. We have a very caring hospital where im from and it makes having a baby in the hospital a blast. It a funny experiance to call "a blast" but they make it that way.

Angie - posted on 04/12/2010




I wanted a home birth with my first child but was unable to do that because I was 2.5 hours from the hospital. I'm so glad I couldn't have a home birth because I had unexpected complications, there were absolutely no indications in my pregnancy tha things anything would go wrong.. Even if I would have been 10 minutes from the hospital, I would have died - and my son would have too. Not everything can be planned for. I think the best option is a birthing center where you don't have to have any intervention unless something unexpected happens.

Peita - posted on 04/12/2010




Hi Jess, I'm really sorry you went through that, I hope you put complaints in!! I am in the Canberra Area and have had 2 children in Queanbeyan hospital and my last at Canberra and both those hospitals were fantastic, Queanbeyan actually has giant birthing baths, balls, beanbags, beautiful birthing sweets and they encourage you to get up if you have been still for too long and Canberra, was fantastic, tehy don't have the flashy birth rooms, but they make up for it with great doctors and Midwives!!! I hope that if you have anymore children that things go a little better for you!! I couldn't imagine having to stay still during labour!!

Louise - posted on 04/12/2010




I think you have to decide what you are looking for in your birth. If you want to go natural then a home birth is the best option as you can please yourself where you give birth and what you do. This is all very well but there are little pain relief options open to you if something goes wrong you have to get to hospital quickly. If you want all the pain relief going then you need to be in hospital. This can be intrusive at times and you can feel just like a peice of meat but you are in the right place for the baby to have first class care should he need it. So I think at the end of the day it is down to you. I had three hospital births, the first two were pretty easy and straight forward and an ok experience the third was a hospital birth which turned into a nightmare of an emergency section which was very frightening. If I had not been at the hosptal already I would of lost my daughter. At the end of the day you have to make your own decision as once labour has started you don't want to be shifting from one place to another.

Kate CP - posted on 04/12/2010




Home births are, generally, very safe provided you have a licensed and experienced certified nursing midwife and no complications with your pregnancy. Even if you do have a few complications some are easily dealt with and do not require a hospital birth. Midwives are trained and experienced in the "what if" arena. They bring medications, oxygen, IV equipment, sutures, clamps, sterile equipment like gauze and gloves, and other items with them. The only thing they don't have is an operating room and a surgical team standing by. If you live within 15 minutes of a hospital, are a low risk pregnancy, and have a good midwife and support team then a home birth is definitely feasible.

Dayna - posted on 04/12/2010




I have had 4 hosptial births nad 4 home births and in all honesty, I would not birth in hospital again unless it was medically indicated as necessary!! I have had the same midwfe with the 4 homebirths and I am confident in her and in my own abilities. I am against 'some' hospital policies which is part of my reasoning for birthing at home. Although I also know that should medical help be necessary that an ambulance can be at my home within 3mins, if I lived further away from a hospital or other medical help, I would either birth in hospital or look at renting somewhere within close vicinity to a hospital to birth in.

Every woman should choose the place of birth that makes her most comfortable. Provided the pregnancy is progressing normally, the woman is not overly anxious and help can be sourced IF necessary then I would endorse a homebirth over hospital anyday

Good luck with your decision and enjoy your pregnancy and new baby when it arrives!!!

Jess - posted on 04/12/2010




Unfortunatly Peita Australia isn't free from ancient birthing practises. I had my daughter in a huge Qld hospital just last year and was strapped to the bed, I was told not to move, I was yelled at by midwife, assulted and spat on !

Hospitals have their pro's and con's despite my experience I would still have another hospital delivery simply for the fact that help is close at hand.

Brean - posted on 04/12/2010




home births would be good for someone who has a very strict birthplan that they do not plan on changing... there is no doctor in case you need an emergency c-section, there are no drugs in case the pain becomes too much too handle. i wouldnt be willing to risk it with an at home birth. although my delivery went off without a hitch, (thank god) i could not have done it without my amazing epidural. more power to those who are physically able to withstand the pain, but i think everyone deserves options when doing into the unknown.

Peita - posted on 04/12/2010




I too was very lucky to be in hospital with my last baby, I had major complications that almost took my life!! Placenta Incretta is the complication I had and within 1/2hr of having my baby they were putting me under, I needed a hysterectomy to stop bleeding (the placenta had grown into the uterus muscle), after that I had another bleedout and needed my tummy packed and a clamp on my Femoral Artery, I had 9 Units of blood transfused and a 4 1/2 day stay in ICU!! If I was at home, I WOULD NOT HAVE SURVIVED!! It is so much SAFER to be in a hospital!! Be firm in what you want to do in labour and don't let the doctors and midwives push you around!! I live in Auustralia ans there is never any strapping to the bed or being told to sit still, very rarely are you checked out if things are going well, we are actually encouraged to walk around as gravity does wonders!!!! Complications are rare, but if they do happen as in my case, you NEED to be in a hospital!!

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I was happy with my hospital birth with my first.

Had a very short labour, had only 1 vag check to cinfirm it was my waters that had broken, and i was left with the gas and a buzzer to let them know if i needed anything (it was 9pm at night though) and i didnt see anyone till my hubby buzzed them at 5am and was crowning.

This time i wanted to do the birth center but since ive had spotting they wont let me now and this hospital where we are now has stupid visiting hours and rules and im not looking forward it very much.

Just becareful with home births as if you get a m/w that doesnt know what she is doing it could end badly for you and baby,

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I had always liked the thought of giving birth at home but because we live in a very rural area this wasn't possible and all I can say now is thank god for that otherwise I would be dead now and so would my baby, after a long painful labour I was told that my baby was stuck and was not coming out he went into distress and I needed an emergency c-section very quickly to safe his life, after they had the baby safely out I haemorraged and needed blood otherwise I would have died. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I now believe that giving birth in a hospital is a much safer option and I wouldn't even consider giving birth at home now that I have seen just how wrong things can go.

Jocelyn - posted on 04/12/2010




I had one of each

Hospital--strapped down to bed, not allowed to labor how I wanted to, physical and vaginal checks all he time, busy, too many nurses and doctor, not allowed family members, but there are doctors if something goes wrong. and there are drugs.

Home-- free to labor how I wanted, relaxed, quiet, had no intrusive vag checks, option of birthing in water (or any other position) could listen to what ever music I wanted, can have as many/few people as you want. But if something goes wrong you have to move fast to get to a hospital. And there are no drugs, but there are alternate ways to control pain. If you want feel free to pm me and I can go into some more detail about my home water birth ^_^

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