What are your current living arrangements like compared to those you had growing up?

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From I was born until I was 4 I lived in a two bedroomed flat with both of my parents, and shared a room with my older brother (who is 2 years my senior). The four of us then moved to a three bedroomed house, where my brother and I had a room each until I turned 7, at which point my younger sister was born, and I had to share a room with her. When I was 10, my parents divorced, and my brother, sister, father and myself moved into another three bedroomed house (with me still sharing a room with my sister. When I was 13, we got a four bedroomed house, and we all had a room each, which is how it stayed until we moved out as adults.

Now I live in a four bedroomed house, with each of my daughters having a room each and having a office. My house is connected to my brother and sister-in-law's house through a walkway, above which is my youngest sister's (21 years my junior) room. My brother's house has five bedrooms, only three of which are used. My younger sister and her wife own a two bedroomed bungalow which, door to door, is only 100 yards away from my house. My father and his wife live a five minute drive away.

What are your current living arrangements like compared to those you had as a child? Do you live close to your parents and siblings?


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My husband and I both grew up in the suburbs in houses that our parents owned. I always had my own room. My husband lived in a larger house, but shared rooms when he was younger because he came from a bigger family. First he shared with his older brother and then his younger brother. He was in his late teens before he got his own room.

Our kids have always lived in urban areas, but still in houses like we did. We've had a lot of room sharing though. This house has four bedrooms and we only used two of them until our oldest was 9. Our kids do really well sharing rooms. I prefer it to individual rooms.

We lived in an apartment very briefly and it was hard. We're lucky to have as much space as we do. Most of the families around us live in flats.

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