what can i put on my 9 year olds cold sore ?


Angie - posted on 11/26/2009




Check with your doctor and see if your child can have L-Lysine at this age. L-Lysine does wonders for cold sores and any other type of hepatitis infection. My mom always had them (at least monthly), after one bottle of the vitamin, she's never had one again...

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Sherri - posted on 10/12/2011




Over the counter cold sore medicine that you can buy in any pharmacy. I get them all the time it is the only thing that keeps them from cracking as they heal.

Katie - posted on 10/12/2011




My son is only 3 but he has had 2 bad cold sores in a row, and i dont know what to give him. Any ideas??

Judith - posted on 11/26/2009




What about cancer? I heard that chewing tobacco causes mouth cancer, are you worried about that?

Chelsy - posted on 11/26/2009




Not sure you will want to try this on a 9 yr old but Copenhagen (yes chew) helps ALOT!!! and its a lot cheaper the buying that little tube of stuff at the store. I have personally tried this and i was shocked. My cold sore was huge and painful it was also cracked open so when i put the Copenhagen on it it burned but the next morning i got up and it was half the size and by the end of the day it was almost gone. My husband chews and keep telling me how well it worked for cold sores and i didn't believe him....well i do now. lol just an idea if you know someone that chew that would be willing to let you try it. Also don't use anything other then the SNUFF or Long cut will be ok but no mint, wintergreen anything that is flavored.

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I saw wher someone spoke of using toothpaste, I never tried that but I certainly will. I have however used deo., sounds gross doesn't it. Deo. helps keep you dry so therfore it removes the fluid out of the blister. I put it on just before going to bed.

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I too have cold sores from time to time. These sores are very painful. The best thing I have ever found to work the fastest and help the most with pain is called Cure-A-Sore. I have only ever seen it in a liquid. The last place I was able to find it was at Wal-mart and Kroger. You have to ask the pharmacist because they keep it behind the counter.

Vickie - posted on 11/19/2009




Unless it says 12 and up, Abreva really works! The earlier you use it, the better. I thought it was just one application, but you use it every few hours and it really keeps the sore from getting worse!

Judith - posted on 11/18/2009




I have a nine year old son that gets horrible, big ones. I notice he gets them when he is run down, not enough sleep or when he gets sick. Keeping his body health is our key, lots of daily vitamins and mineral. He uses a mouth rinse that is a dietary sugar to rinse his mouth then swallow, it is supposed to neatrualize the stomach acids the cause breakouts.

Jennifer - posted on 11/18/2009




Old wives tale that works...toothpaste as soon as the tingling starts you put it right on the area !!!! If the cold sore had already appeared then use Abreva......

Krista - posted on 11/18/2009




I also swear by Abreva. When I was young they used to last FOREVER. With Abreva, from start to finish it's about a week.

Kristel - posted on 11/18/2009




Hello! i started getting them too when I was little. They're HORRIBLE!!!! Usually once you've gotten them, you'll get them the rest of your life, of and on.I have found that Abreva works. It's very expensive, and in a terribly small tube. You should apply it at the very first sign of a cold sore.Like itching, usually on the top of the lip(s), etc.If you start treatment early, it won't last as long!I would also suggest telling your son/daughter not to share chapstick/lipstick(if daughter),utensils, etc.,and dont lick your lips because it does & can spread! They show up when someone has had a high fever, or has recurring sores, if hit in that specific area(bumped in the mouth, etc.), even with sun exposure!Good luck! I feel ba dbecause I know how bad they are! :)

Emily - posted on 11/18/2009




I have tried Abreva(sp). It helps quite a bit if you catch the cold sore early.....

Sharina - posted on 11/18/2009




Call your local pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. I know they sell over the counter remedies but I can't recall the names.

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