what do I do if my baby father is threatening to kill me ? does he deserve a chance in my childs life?

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Catalina - posted on 05/01/2012




Please please please be a better mother than that.
Do NOT allow him to see you or your child, EVER!

Louise - posted on 04/25/2012




Report him to the police and log every phone call and text as it happends. You can never take this as a joke. If you feel threatened then go to the police and keep going until either they do something about it or you are able to take out a restraining order against him. He does not deserve to have contact with the child until he has sorted himself out and is stable and rational again. At least supervision should be supervised.

[deleted account]

Seriously, if he is threatening to kill you then he should be locked up. Do you really want someone like this in your child's life?

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