What is the general price of professional baby photos?

Kathleen - posted on 11/06/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




I plan to hire my friends sister to take professional pictures of my son for Christmas. Since I'm not shopping around, can someone tell me the price range for professional pics?


Tasha - posted on 01/27/2009




As a professional photographer I can tell you it does vary greatly on the photographer. My husbands income pays all our bills, so my income from photography is "play" money, so I really don't charge a lot, but have very happy customers. Many studios charge between 35 - 100 for sitting fees and then extra for prints. Print prices widely vary also. When I was setting up my pricing I was surprised to see that most charged 35 -75 for a 5x7. Some photographers also charge extra for out of studio sittings. So you will just need to look around and see what you can find. You can check out my pricing at www.tkgphotog.blogspot.com for comparision. Like I said though, I do this because I love it, not for the money (which is good because I don't make a lot). Good luck!


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Bobbi - posted on 01/27/2009




We go to the Picture People. There is no sitting fee and they charge $18 per sheet which is either an 8 X 10, 2 5 X 7's and so on.... they have lots of props and unique ideas so we like it. They send us coupons all the time for free 8 X 10's and such. The only thing I don't like is that if they do any sort of enhancement on the picture including making it black and white etc they charge $6 for each one they do which is just crazy because all it takes is a click on their computer to do it. Overall we're happy with them :)

User - posted on 11/09/2008




I just took my two children to Target to have their Christmas picture taken. Because I signed up with the portrait studio club and had a coupon, the pictures only cost me approximately $12.00 (believe it or not). The pictures turned out very nice. The Christmas background was beautiful ... a decorated tree, fireplace with presents on the mantel. The package includes 2-8x10's, 4-3.5x5's, 2-5x7's and 8 wallets. So you might want to try Target, Sears, K-Mart, etc. Good luck!

Heather - posted on 11/08/2008




We go to Sears portait studio to get ALL of our pictures done. I get a package that includes the cd with all of the pictures and copyright for a little over 100.00. This way I can always print more if I need them. They also have a portrait package that is 10.00 and you get 35 sheets but only one pose! Hope this helps!! Check there web site out!

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One of our local photographers runs a childrens special each year at the end of October where there is no sitting fee, just the cost of the pictures you order. I generally spend 100-150.00 for the pictures which includes a print for all of our family members as well as holiday cards. Of course I live in a small city so I imagine in larger cities the price is higher. Our photographer also runs this special in the spring so we order then as well. I have been VERY pleased with the photos as they are TONS better than we have ever received at Sears, WalMart, etc... I will forever have my kids pictures done by a professional. Good luck!

Amie - posted on 11/06/2008




We've gotten our kids done each year and have tried different places as price isn't our only concern; quality is too and how well the photographer will get along with our children. It varies depending on the photographer and experience but we've spent anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars on pictures.

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