What’s the worst Christmas present you have ever received?


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Frances - posted on 12/16/2012




a Hanukkah card with a gift card for a plus-size women's dress shop. I'm Christian and had lost a bunch of post-baby weight. A couple of cups of egg nog and I laughed it off.

Jennifer - posted on 12/15/2012




Hey Ladies,
I am 24 years old, My worst christmas gift ever was when I was 13. I will never forget it becuase I was so upset and cried for days.
My parents had just moved me into a new house a few months before christmas, we had fense around the whole back yard. and lots of space, I asked for a puppy becuase I was ready to take care of him and walk him clean up after and everything.
My parents even agreed, they asked me to make out a list for what a I wanted, and all i put on it was a puppy and all the stuff the puppy would need
My parents told me that I could get the dog, that they would get me this dog, a neighbour a really good friend of my parents came over and asked what i wanted for christmas and I said a puppy, he asked my parents and they said Yepp thats what she wants.
so christmas came around and the first gift I opened was a dog food dish, and water dish,
the second presant I opened was a few little toys for a puppy to play with.
then my neighbour showed up with this big box that wasnt wrapped
I thought it was going to be the puppy, and it sure was......
It was a big stuffed animal dog with a frizbee in its mouth and when you pulled it it barked
it was a stuffed animal dog of the same breed that I wanted so bad,
I thought it was just a joke, and started asking where the actual puppy was, and Yea I never got one.
I was so sad I cried for days.
it has been 6 years, and I am finally getting the puppy that i have wanted for so long for chistmas my husband got him for me, I pick him up nxt sat.
so thats my lovely worst christmas gift, lets hear some more..

Marian - posted on 12/12/2012




Worst present I ever received was confirmation that my husband was indeed cheating on me with a woman 10 years younger. It stung like no tomorrow. But in the end it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I'm now a single Mom living a great life, having new adventures and living life to the fullest extent. Sometimes there really is a silver lining.

[deleted account]

I would agree with the moms who replied with gifts that they are allergic to, which are often times received from people who should know better (i.e. husbands, moms et al.)

Char - posted on 12/12/2012




I have a good one for you. A razor and shaving cream. My husband wasn't very creative last year.

Holly - posted on 12/12/2012




alyssa I am so sorry that a mother could be that mean, i could NEVER imagine doing something like that to ANY child, let alone my own.... I hope that life is better for you these days. It just makes me so sad to know that things like that actually do happen. I mean i know that in my family there was a favorite... but my parents would never do something that cold hearted.

Brittney - posted on 12/11/2012




Every year we get expired food from the in-laws...yep...last time there was food from before I was born in there...yuck!

Renee - posted on 12/11/2012




A pair of army green, orange and brown Aztec print slippers!!! Horrendous. And from a boyfriend no less.

Holly - posted on 12/11/2012




alyssa, that is AWFUL!!! was it a mistake? or was your mother really that mean?

Alyssa - posted on 12/10/2012




My mom gave me an empty box, and gave my sister the bracelet that went inside of it. I was an extremely sad child lol.

Jen - posted on 12/10/2012




When I was about 13 my father gave my sisters and I each a choculator...it was a calculator that looked like a Hershey bar. They supposedly smelled like chocolate but really smelled like chalk :-)

Sharayah - posted on 12/10/2012




Well I'm not sure about mine, but i do have a funny story.

when My great grandmother was put into a home we would still go see her at christmas and since she couldn't get out she would collect things from around the house or get things out of magazines, and she would put it all in a walmart sack till christmas. One year My Mother got a half empty bottle of lotion and I think I got a mug that year. it was always funny to see what she pulled out.

Mary - posted on 12/10/2012




Same thing happened to me, and I didn't know I was allergic until I tried it. It wasn't that I didn't like it, I couldn't enjoy it and/or keep it!!

Mellisa - posted on 12/10/2012




@ Angela did they know you was allergic to it?

I'm not really hard to shop for, lotion, candles, comfy sweat pants, and I am good to go. I always tell what I want if they ask and I never pick things to expensive. I don't think I have ever gotten things I didn't like.

Angela - posted on 12/10/2012




Probably some lavender body wash, soap and hand cream that I was allergic to :(

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