Why does my son have his girlfriend step on him when no one is around?

Sonja - posted on 02/11/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a 15 year old son that has been doing some really strange things lately. I understand at his age his hormones are raging inside him but I'm getting very concerned. About a week ago I walked up to his room and his door was cracked open. I respect his privacy but couldn't help for seeing what he was doing with his girlfriend. He was laying on his back in the floor with his sweat pants and underwear pulled down to his ankles and she was stepping on his genitals with high heels! I watched for about 1 minute to see if they were just being teenagers trying something stupid/silly like a challenge of some sort, but after watching it was definitely sexual.

She was stepping on him with about a 3-4 inch pair of heels that are sharp stilettos style, but she wasn't wearing them when she came to visit or when she left. He had her stepping on his penis and testicles, just walking all over them with her full weight!

I decided to knock on the door and interrupt, for fear of him being hurt. They scrambled as you can imagine, she steps down off him and quickly sit on the desk chair and throws her heels under a blanket that was on the floor, he pulled up his clothes and jumps up and walks to the door to let me in. He was out of breath, I said I'm collecting laundry do you have anything that needs washed? He said no, I aid what about the blanket in the floor, and he quickly responds no its fine I just dropped it there.

Last night I came home from work early to find that they were at it again. This time in the living room next to the stairs, she was using the handrail to keep her balance as she stepped on his genitals with a different pair of high heels this time. I didn't spy, I didn't invade his privacy, I unlocked the door and opened it as saw them at it again.. I turned my back and yelled through the door for him to come help me bring in groceries. I could hear her running on the hard wood floors out of the room and he came right to the door. As I walked through the living room there was semen on the floor where she was stepping on him. I must have interrupted as he climaxed, unless she keeps stepping on him after he does.

A couple days ago I put on some of my high heels and wore them around him in the house just to watch his body language and see his reaction. He couldn't stop looking at my shoes as I walked passed him, and he asked several times why are you wearing shoes in the house. I told him they are new and I'm just trying to break them in. He was uncomfortable as far as I could tell, or maybe turned on, not sure. Is it the shoes he is attracted to, or is he into pain, foot fetish?

What should I do? Should I confront him? Is he at risk of being injured? Could she cause him to be sterile? I am very worried...


Raye - posted on 02/11/2016




You should not knowingly let your son engage in sexual acts with other people at his age. If he masturbates, that's fine as long as he's private about it. If he uses shoes while he masturbates, then that's up to him. You should NOT allow the girlfriend in the house with him when you're not there, and you should not let them alone together in his room unless the door is wide open and you are checking on them. Be a parent.

And his shoe fetish will be whatever it will be, and that's none of your concern unless he decides to talk to you about it, or you decide to talk to him directly about it. IF you talk about it, only point out the potential danger to his internal and external organs from engaging in those activities. And maybe mention that not all women will be into that sort of thing. You shouldn't make him feel "bad" or "wrong" for liking something a little different. But he should understand that it is different and that there is potential for injury.

Dove - posted on 02/11/2016




Eh... at least the trolls are putting good effort into their stories now...

If you are legit... who the hell allows their 15 year old privacy w/ a girlfriend in their home? Major lack of parenting and like your son has been taught zero respect and boundaries. Time to step up and get both of you some help.


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