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Temi - posted on 12/24/2012




Me and my family are sick as well it really sucks because its her first christmas :(, i'm an on demand breast feeder, but i have been taking thermaflu one in the morning and one at night, i cant sleep because as soon as i lay down my nose gets plugged up. So we need to do whatever we can to get back to milking duty :) me and my husband work at home and so my advice, thermaflu, humidifier, oranges, honey cough drops and lots of sanitizer. Thats what weve been doing. The ugly face thing, thats funny (but not really). I would be madd too how to handle that, i can only tell you what i would do (scenario:my home)
Me: Did you really just give me that face? Are you serious, get out of my bed i dont want to see your face, i'll let you know how you can make it up later, go get on dad duty.
My hubby: sorry honey i know your not feeling well
Me: fine come back in the bed but rub my feet first then go back to dad detail. I love u
(fyi: my husband likes this post, we are a very silly family)

Dove - posted on 12/24/2012




Gargling warm salt water is great for sore throats. Tea w/ lemon and honey helps too. I'm pretty anti-med, so that's pretty much all I ever do.

If all he did was 'make an ugly face'... yeah, I think you're overreacting to still be mad. I'd be making an 'ugly face' getting up all night too. Unless he yelled at you about it or mistreated the baby.... you are pissed at him for a face.... Take it easy (yeah, I know how THAT goes w/ two young ones...lol). Everything seems worse when you feel like crap anyway.

Lacye - posted on 12/24/2012




Talk to your doctor, but Theraflu is AWESOME! I take it for a few days and I feel much better afterwards! I don't think it will affect your milk supply but once again, talk to your doctor about that.

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