Abit of advice my daughters other nana has sent me a message about 3 weeks ago asking about my baby if she can see her and i replied back 2 her and she aint answered me back and my brooke is 2 and half years old she i get back in touch with her 2 see what she wants i am abit confused because her son my daughers dad keeps on saying she is not his from the day she was born so should i egnore her or answer her back again


Louise - posted on 06/23/2012




Send her a message saying that you are more than happy for her to see your child but you would appreciate a regular thing rather than a flit in and out of the childs life. It has to be hard for the grandmother not having access to her grandchild because her son is being such a dick head! Give the grandmother a chance and work from there. Dont be surprised though if she does not answer she is probably doing this behind her sons back!

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