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Christine - posted on 01/02/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is very independent for the most part, the only time I can get her to do activities with me is flash cards or puzzles and since it's learning she gets bored after a bit and moves on. She's 18 mths and I wonder what activities you tried with your kids. My funds are extremely tight and so is vehicle situation so in the house ideas is what I need. I want to do things with her not just watch her do things. thanks for advice.

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Sarah - posted on 01/03/2010




I think our best investment yet has been tub crayons. My daughter likes to color and we recently bought our first set of crayons. Every night we draw pictures in the tub. She is now 2 and talks a ton so I attempt to draw something and she tells me what it is. It has turned into a nightly ritual and she loves to color just as much with them. They cost about $5. They are wonderful and turn bathtime into learning as well (shapes, names of items, colors, etc.)

Renee - posted on 01/03/2010




Stacking cups, look at what you have currently, alot of things can be made entertaining for children. Look at places like Goodwill they have lots of inexpensive simple toys. The simplest toys are typically the most versatile.

Abbie - posted on 01/03/2010




There are lots of things!

1. play ball

2. drive trucks

3. she can help do laundry, ( putting in the dryer, putting in the washer)

4. paint the snow ( if you live where its cold) put food coloring in a spray bottle

5. Color

6. blanket tents

7. hide and seek, peek a boo

8. Go for walks

9. Give her a dust rag and have her help you clean

10. make a house fort/ out of a big box

You would be amazed what kind of toys you can find at 2nd stores or craigslist, just be safe when you go pick them up. ;) you can make home made playdough, also color rice in a big box with spoons and cups makes for hours of fun.

Heather - posted on 01/02/2010




Hello Christine!

The first things I think of are blocks. They don't need to be Duplo, or even anything that inter-locks. You could prbably find good blocks at a local second-hand or children's consignment store, just soak them in a bleach solution before she uses them. Stacking them, then knocking them down is great fun! At 18 months old, she does have a short attention span, so don't be surprised if you need to switch gears often! Anything arts-&-crafts can be fun for you both. Stringing beads, pasting paper or fabric scraps, or using toilet paper and paper towel rolls to make great telescopes & binoculars. Some of these may be a bit advanced for her yet, but you could let her choose beads/paper/fabric, then string/paste them how she wants them.This will give you qualty time together and foster her budding creativity. These are also inexpensive! My 3-year-old has so many art pieces from the past 2 years! Oh- finger paints, too! They are non-toxic and wash off easily. For even easier clean-up- let her paint naked!

I hope this can give you a start. Best of luck to you!

~ Heather

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