An already cramped kitchen.

Melissa - posted on 03/09/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Now that my little one has started eating solids, my already cramped kitchen is bursting with too much stuff!!! Anyone have any great space saving ideas for all that stuff?!! We pre-made all his food ourselves, so that's in the freezer, so luckily no babyfood jars to deal with, but his bowls, toss and go dishes, my pumping stuff...etc. etc. I'd love some ideas!!!

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Gilberte - posted on 03/09/2009




Go through all your cabinets and ask yourself when was the last time you used each item. Based on the answers put some things in the garage in marked boxes OR under beds OR the best is give them away.

Debra - posted on 03/09/2009




Is it possible for you to keep a jelly cabinet in the dining room? If it close to the kitchen of course. That way when you go to set the table it is nearby. We had an eat in kitchen up until we had more kids so we had to eliminate the table in the kitchen altogether and now just eat in the dining room. I bought cheap cabinets and placed them where the table was in the kitchen. Or you could hang shelves and place your bowls and plates on them and put the baby's items where the plates were? What about a hanging pan rack? It is tough to try to suggest things because I don't know what you have for a pantry/kitchen. These ideas of course are if you have semi-high ceilings and wall space and  a dining room. When I pumped I would wash/rinse everything then dry it and hang the bag either in the baby's room or in their closet for next use. Good luck

Rabecca - posted on 03/09/2009




I actually cleared out a specific cupboard for baby stuff. It meant cramming some stuff into other places, but it was nice to know where all the stuff went. and I kept my pump in the box under the crib when it was not in use.

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the way I saw was that i had two options...I could 1 declutter my cabinets throw away expired stuff or dishes we done use that are old or 2 but the storage drawers from walmart the middle size one that has three and put all the babys utensiils in there then place it on top of fridge or closet.  I started #1 but ended with #2 lol

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