anyone have any ideas on good finger foods for a 16 month old???

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Stephanie - posted on 04/28/2009




oh goodness if they can chew it they can eat it! my son eats everything! i make sure he eats alot of fruits and veggies! but he eats everything else i just make sure it small enough where he wont choke on it! my son chewed food before he had any teeth! but anything u would eat i would give to him just cut it up!

Malinda - posted on 04/28/2009




I'd like to add avacados, lunch meat (nitrate-free) with hummus on it, red bell pepper spears, etc. My son LOVES to dip (and also did at this age), so we sometimes give him hummus or sugar-free jelly or something to dip in (yogurt would also be good, but my son is milk-allergic so we don't use it).

Cindy - posted on 04/28/2009




Cheerios. Puffed wheat. Cubed Meats (chicken, ham, burgers.) Gerber has come out with "Gerber Graduates" an entire selection of freeze dried fruits just the right size for toddlers. And they have "Puffed" snackes that melt in the mouth in awesome flavors such as Tomato and Veggie Dip. Both my 9 month old and my 3 year old love eating the Gerber peach flavored stars.

Hope this gives you inspiration.

[deleted account]

If you would like to use fresh veggies, a nutritionist told me to steam them first, to help them get soft enough for them to chew, I thought it was a great idea because my son only had about 4 teeth at 16 months old, lol!

Debbie - posted on 04/28/2009




I just give my children rasins,grapes,carrots just anything realy that was good 4 them

Kathryn - posted on 04/28/2009




My Daughter chloe is 14 months and she really likes grapes another thing i do is sausages cold or warm cut in half to make long fingures. Chloes a big lover of cherry tommatoes and will also eat them as they are... and cucumber, sausage or cheese rolls or making a sandwich and cutting them into fingures is usually quite managable for them to. Try boiled eggs too i hope this has helped you darl love kathryn x

Juli - posted on 04/28/2009




I know some people might be a bit hesitant, but raisins are good for them also. I hadn't thought of it myself until recently I saw another baby at church eating on them and loving them. I tried my baby out and she loves them, too. A good one for teething is bagels. All 3 of my babies have cut teeth with them and really do enjoy them! Good luck!

Katrina - posted on 04/28/2009




my kids always loved little cubes of cheese cut up or shredded cheese, another cood one is a can of mixed veggies, it is good for them and they get to sample all sorts of tastes and textures at one time. Hope this helps.

[deleted account]

toast, whole wheat or white

pretzel sticks or bread sticks, try to find ones with little or no salt


chicken and turkey lunch meats -- the Diestel brand is good because

there are

no preservatives used, though salt is


rice cooked in homemade chicken broth until it is very, very soft

homemade chicken and rice or pasta soup

meatballs cooked in broth so that there is no crust on them; I use

beef, but you

could also use ground turkey or chicken



''real'' oatmeal

cream of wheat

grilled cheese sandwich, cut into small cubes

scrambled eggs

silver-dollar pancakes

french toast

Frozen waffles if they are teething. Waffles dissolve nicely and the cold waffle helps with teeth pain!

Melodie - posted on 04/28/2009




Cut up squares of sandwich, grapes in half, strawberries, chicken, just about anything you would eat, just cut it up.

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