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Nyssa - posted on 05/10/2010




My boys have been potty trained between 2-3yrs. My 4th one is training now, and I just finally got him to pee on the potty. Yes!! He just turned 3 on the 5th, and has been so resistant to it. He's starting to come around though. He's the first one to show so little interest, even though, I know, he knows, when he has to go. He was actually holding it in the other day while on the potty. I knew he needed to sit on the potty because he wanted his diaper back on, after I had been letting him run around bare-butt for awhile. He was sitting on the potty, and was getting mad about something. I looked to see if he went and there was a little bit of pee, but he stopped himself, and then would only go a tiny bit more after some prodding. The only reason he did it tonight is because he wanted a bath, and I wouldn't start the water until he went. If I would have started it before he went, I just know he wouldn't have done it. I keep thinking his little brother, 15mos., might be able to be potty trained with him because he will actually sit on another potty beside his older brother. Oh to wish!

Lacye - posted on 05/10/2010




when your child comes up to you and tells you they are nasty, it's definitely time to potty train.

Rebecca - posted on 05/10/2010




Well i tried our son at 18 months and again at 24 months and then at 26 months he came to me on his own with his underwear, took off his diaper and that was that. Look for signs they are ready for sure, like they have an interest in the potty and they watch you use the bathroom. Don't put pull ups on, only when you leave the house. Let them run around naked or with regular underwear. Get a sticker chart or use jelly beans or other little candies as incentive. Set a timer to go after 25-30 minutes after the first pee of the day and every one after that. A timer will let them know it's time to go and once they learn this you can set the timer back 5 minutes so eventually you get to an hour and at this point they can hold ti some. Also wait until they have enough verbal communication to tell you they have to go and leave the potty chair out where you are most of the time so they have access to it and see it all day long.

Good luck!

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