Colic! Please help I'm begging you.

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I'm a stay at home mom with a 5 week old and a 22 month old. My oldest is very active and demands nearly constant one on one attention, when told no she goes into fits. My newest has just started what I can only say must be colic. He starts early afternoon and it lasts until nearly7:30pm or 8pm. After that it's a great night.

A normal episode is like this: eats 30 minutes and seems content. Begins to fuss soon after. I attempt to calm him and he gets worse. Soon after a crying, burping, rocking spell he sleeps for about 30 minutes but must be held. He then wakes and screams for up to an hour.

I am extremely frustrated and overtaxed by my children. I am at home from 2:30pm to about 10pm or later with them. The toddler is on a good schedule and goes down at 7pm for the night, but has been teething and wakes sporadically. The newest seems to feed every 2 1/2 -4 hours depending on the time of day. I just need to know what I can do to not lose my mind. I had colic as a baby and my mother told me it was so bad she was tempted to smother me with a pillow. She, thankfully, lived with my grandparents because she was right out of high school when she had me. I don't have any help when the husband leaves and I find myself in a state of panic when the two kids gang up on me and scream. I do not feel that I like I have depression, and I would never harm my children, but I cannot for the life of me deal with this much longer as is. Crying in the shower while the two are in "time out" in a safe place doesn't seem like a good fix for how I feel. There has got to be a better way. Any advice?

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Ying-ley - posted on 01/29/2010




Oh yes, and the Fisherprice Aquarium Swing is good, again if it is relux the swing keeps him upright and so the stomach acid stays in the stomach.

Clare - posted on 01/29/2010




i had colic as a baby and mum's ped told her to give me a dummy (pacifier) and she said it worked, i didn't have that problem with my little girl but she still finds ways to make me feel crappy, ive done the crying in the shower too and ive only got one! it is difficult dealing with two children i can imagine but if you are stressed at your toddler your 5 week old may be feeling that tension from you and the fits from your toddler (babies are quite perceptive of unsaid feelings) and it is upsetting him further try a relaxation cd in a spare half hour when they are both asleep or tell your husband on his next day off he's dealing with the children on his own and have some you time go out for a long walk or go to the local pool water is quite a good relaxation aid hope it all gets better soon let me know how you get on visit my page :) xx

Stephanie - posted on 01/29/2010




Bless your heart! Well you do have a lot on you plate! have you tried laying him down on his stomach and rubbing his lower back also try massaging his stomach clockwise and if that doesn't work move his legs like a bicycle! It could be the formula or the bottles you use there is two different formulas enfamil has for colic babies gentlelease for fussy and colic babies or if it's to much iron causing his colic there is nutramigen with enflora try calling your ped. Also get over the counter mylicon it works miracles and he will pass gas instantly! I hope he gets better soon and you get a break soon too!

Ying-ley - posted on 01/29/2010




I am wondering if its really Colic, the crying after feeding, the burping and the rocking makes me think it might be baby reflux.

Its when the stomach acid comes back up which is very painful for the baby and is why the rocking helps, since he is upright and so the acid cannot come back up so easily

Have a look at this link and see if the symptoms match

My eldest had reflux quite mildly and we solved it with Baby Gaviscon but my youngest had it severly and was on 3 different drugs. If it is reflux its important to tackle it early otherwise they associate food with a bad experience and become extremely fussy eaters.

There is however light at the end of the tunnel. My boys are 21 months apart and the first months are just hideous but it will get better and easier. Hang in there!!

Samara - posted on 01/29/2010




My daughter colic, but it wasn't that bad. I talked with her Dr and he had said that colic is sometimes caused by gas buildup. If you are breastfeeding, try to burp more often and think about what you have eaten during the day that might of caused gas. If he is formula fed, ask to change the formula, he might be sensitive to cows milk as was the case with my daughter, we had to switch to soy milk. When he starts screaming, try to rub his belly, lay him over your lap with his tummy on one of ur legs so it adds a little pressure and rub his back. Give him a warm bath when he starts the crying. Try the colic tablets, I have heard they work wonders. I use the teething tablets which are made by the same people and they are AMAZING! If it gets to be too much, lay him in his crib and step out for a min or two. I had to do that several of times and when I returned she would calm down, because I was calmer. Sing quietly to him!
I know it is easier said than done, but relaxing helps. Do you have anyone that can help you a little at night? To come over and play for a little while with your 22 month old? I don't have any advise on that. I only have one child is is 7 months old, she is very clingy and will not let me out of her sight! I hope it gets better for you and hope my advise helps a little bit! I wish you the best of luck! Hang in there and keep your head up!! This too shall pass.

Sandi - posted on 01/29/2010




Colic is a nightmare and I hope you can take comfort in knowing it wont last forever. I've only had 1 baby so I'm not presuming to know everything but this is what I did. After every feed I would sit Larna up and burp her for 30mins. We also gave her gripe water 10minutes before her feeds. Invest in a baby bouncer that is quite upright & support the head with rolled up blankets either side. If you feel like all else is failing and your days are never ending then invest in an electronic swing. We got the Fisherprice Aquarium Swing that goes in both directions. I used the swing to get daytime naps, clean the house, decorate the nursery & when I needed to make important calls so you should be able to get some time to deal with your beautiful toddler that has a 'bold' personality :) The only thing with the swing was I was worried she would get used to only being content or sleeping with movement even after the colic had gone but she sleeps from 9pm-9am now and we put her in the cot when she's awake so it hasn't been an issue at all.

Hope that helps. x

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/29/2010




You deffinately need a helping hand...but also is the baby on formula? Maybe you are just using the wrong formula and bottle combination. Ask your pediatrician about all of this,,,or the nurse. They can help maybe rule that out. Sounds like you have it rough, but stick in there and maybe see if a relative can give you an hour to yourself everyday. Good luck, you are doing better than you think! Motherhood is the hardest job of all.

Shenna - posted on 01/29/2010




i had to give my son gripe water. its an herbal remedy at walmart or a pharmacy. worked great.

Jessica - posted on 01/29/2010




i have some advice on the colic cause my daughter was an exceptionally pukey baby who suffered from tummy pains all the time. have you tried " the colic hold"? its like the cradle hold but reverse. you lay the baby tummy down on top of your arm and allow his head to slightly droop around the crook of your elbow. and rub his back. the counter pressure from your arm and rubbing or gently patting his back. also i found the product "little tummies" very helpful and it relieves gas in about 10 minutes. also have you tried laying him accross your knees on his tummy and rubbing and patting his back? put a spit cloth on the floor incase he spits up. another thing i found worked was cradling my daughter in my arms. but holding her tightly against my torso(tighter than usual) the heat from your body will help him pass some gas.

hope this helps.

Belinda - posted on 01/29/2010




When baby has colic stay calm bc your baby can sense when something is wrong with you, and that will make him more mad. Try standing up, cradling him and rocking and bouncing all at the same time remember be calm use the shh shh shh sound.Also you might try an ocean sound music cd its calming. At walmart you can buy colic tablets they are white very small and they dissolve as soon as you put them in the mouth. They are in a small white bottle with a pink and blue label. Sometimes depending on your walmart they are in the baby isle sometimes in the pharmacy isle.

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