Early morning milk feed to 1 year old - Recipe for disaster?

Dee - posted on 02/17/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi All

My girl was exclusively breastfed - and I never did cry it out - this meant i was up every few hours for the majority of her first year.

I used cry it out at 10 months old - and she dropped her night feeds in a few days - it was amazing - she slept better ever since as she can now self soothe.

Recently - her morning wakes have been at 6am like clockwork ... sometimes earlier ...

she fusses until 7 and then i go in and give her milk and get her ready for the day ...

I noticed she is always grumpy and tired in the morning.

So yesterday I went in at 7am and gave her milk and put her back in bed.

She went straight back to sleep!!!!

Today, she woke at 6.15, and fussed till 7 - and then started crying really hard - so i went in, gave her milk, and she put her head on my shoulder seeming tired - so i put her back to bed, and she went to sleep???

So iI have no problem doing this - but my fear is - will this become a bad habit which becomes earlier and earlier?

Have any of you had experience with this?

should i give this feed and put her back to bed - or give her the feed and keep her awake till her morning nap - I dont want to go backwards!!!

what is the better thing to teach her?


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Amy - posted on 02/17/2012




I agree with Teresa, I don't see the problem. I'm assuming that she goes to bed at 8:30 so you're getting 10-11 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I can't even sleep that long without waking for a drink or using the bathroom. I also don't see a problem with her going back to sleep my daughter used to go back to sleep till 10 in the morning.

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Considering that I didn't night wean my son until he was 2... I don't consider this a 'bad habit' at all and would just nurse her instead of making her fuss til 7. ;)

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