Flying with toddler and preschooler

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I would love any tips on flying with a toddler and preschooler. Should we take our pack n' play? Our toddler son is still sleeping in his crib at home. We will be traveling from Minneapolis to Boston and then traveling to several cities in the New England states. We will be gone for a week. Would appreciate any help you can offer.

Thank you!

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Most hotels have cribs, I would call before you leave to make sure that they have one available. If you are staying with family it might be worth it to have them go to a second hand store and buy one. The last thing you want is for your play pen to break on flight. I didn't miss mine at all. In fact I even found the crib all together to be pointless. It was easier to ask them to move the bed against the wall and have her sleep in the big bed with pillows on one side to keep her from falling out.

We took the carseat on the plane. Although she didn't spend much time in it. I felt better having her in it during take off, turbulence, and landing. It also allow us to keep her away from the drinks and snacks that they hand out on planes. We packed some toys to take on the plane, but she wasn't very interested in them (although yours might be). Alaska has their video players that was really nice. They had an animal show on it that my daughter loved.

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Make sure you check your car seats stroller and the pack and play. some airlines don't charge . check first, take a back pack put every thing in bags bring extras , put your wallet in the back pack and put your purse in your bags makesure you take out all your good stuff. have fun

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definitely take them! u will be sorry if you dont i know from1st hand experience!

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A flight attendant friend of mine says it is worth it to spend the extra money for direct flights, have cozy blankets, quiet toys and the sippy cup. You can buy water after you go through security. We are going to try it out ourselves soon with our 10 month old. Our hosts rented a crib, I will bring the sheets.

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I agree with Rebecca, take the pack n play. It will be something familiar to your little one in unfamiliar places, therefore providing comfort and hopefully a better night sleep for all of you! :o)
Also, on the plane, definite sucking for take off and landings to help with the ears, sippy cups or bottles. And lollipops are good too, if your toddler is old enough to suck on one. Another thing I have done for my little one is get a few new toys from the dollar store, pack it in a special bag that they only get to open on the plane. It is amazing the amount of entertainment they can get from a few new (and cheap!) toys.

Rebecca - posted on 08/15/2009




I would recommend taking your pack'n'play even if it is a hassle. Some hotels have cribs you can ask to use in your room but you don't know the shape they are in or how old they are. Also remember to have a sippy cup or bottle for the children (I know they frown on liquids) see if you can come with your own water or if the flight attendant can fill them up so the children can drink to help their ears with the pressure change when taking off and landing.

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