I am seven months prego and having bad anxiety any advice?


September - posted on 08/12/2010




I'm sorry I know what those are like all too well! I also had anxiety my whole first trimester of pregnancy. I was told by my doctor it was because my hormones were wacky however I was not surprised I was having such a hard time with anxiety with pregnancy since it's something I struggle with when I'm not pregnant as well. What works for me is removing myself from whatever situation I'm in and taking some time to relax and do some deep breathing. When I have panic/anxiety attacks they tend to get a bit worst if I focus on them too much. So deep breathing and taking some time to myself help to relax me therefore making the anxiety lessen. My doctor also gave me a referral for massage therapy while I was pregnant which was helpful as well. Maybe you could try massage? I'm sorry you're struggling with anxiety! I hope things get better for you! :) I'm here if you ever want to talk more.

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Louise - posted on 08/12/2010




What are you anxious about, motherhood in general being able to cope with labour? Believe me we all go through this whether it's our first pregnancy or third. if you feel you really can't cope then you need to speak to your midwife. May be you can put some fears to rest by looking around the maternity department and seeing for yourself that mums are fantastic creatures that cope with anything! As for fears about being able to cope with your baby honestly you will. Nobody can help you there, for the first few weeks you will be anxious all the time worrying yourself when they don't feed properly or sleep a little to long. It is a phase and every day you will feel a little more relaxed and then you get to that blaza stage when suddenly it's all second nature and you sit back and wonder what you were worrid about.

Alison - posted on 08/12/2010




Please talk to your doctor. I don't know what you qualify as bad, but you definitely need to talk about it and you may need treatment.

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take a deep breath, close your eyes and try to clear your head. for me, i usually get anxiety attacks when i think about all the bad things that could happen... i was on medication for them when i was in high school, but i've kinda learned to keep them under control now... especially when im pregnant. so i go to a quiet place, sit down comfortably, close my eyes, breathe deeply and try to clear my mind. every time a "bad" or "scary" thought comes into your mind, try to replace them with a "happy" or "positive" one. imagine holding your baby, or something else you really enjoy doing. the key is to stay calm and not let negative thoughts take over your mind. maybe get a relaxing cd and play that to help you clear your mind. good luck, and i hope you pull through this.

Cheryl - posted on 08/12/2010




Wow, never heard of that before! I had bad anxiety attacks after my third pregnancy, but felt even and calm during my pregnancies. I know hormones fluctuations can have an affect on emotions, but I also know that nutritional imbalances can also.. I once went on an almost no oil or fat diet and got terrible anxiety attacks, nutritionist said to take Evening Primrose Oil, that was years ago: all the other oils are good too..when there are deficiencies the body goes haywire.. have you had all your blood work done recently?? What does your doctor/nurse say?? I know that Valerian Root helped me a lot but not sure about using it when you are prego.. ask the Dr.. make sure you are not dieting or cutting out all the good oils.. this is not the time for dieting!!

Also is this your first pregnancy?? Are there other reasons for the anxiety attacks? Are you afraid of pregnancy or childbirth?/ all of these issues should be discussed with your health care provider.. MAKE SURE you are getting good prenatal care.. Pregnancy should be a fun and happy time barring any complications!! Please seek out some help for this!! Good luck..

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