iam 23 and i have small breast how should i get big breast


Dove - posted on 02/18/2013




Other than a boob job.... why not just accept the body that you have?

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Well, if you didn't get some change in your breast after giving birth, then surgery would appear to be your only option, assuming that you don't intend to breast feed in the future.

Personally, I used to hate my breasts because they're far too big, but I wouldn't spend thousands on getting them altered, because that's money I could be using to advance my child's life, education or other needs. Besides, breasts of a size that the owner doesn't like aren't really anything more than annoying. It's not like they are a hindrance that means you can't get educated, get a job, etc etc.

I would advise that you just get used (or resigned) to the body that you have and concentrate on things that really matter!

Shawnn - posted on 02/18/2013




Gee...let me think...Spend thousands on artificial parts.

I agree with Dove. Why are you not content with your natural body?

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