is it wrong for not wanting my child to believe in santa?

Cassie - posted on 07/09/2010 ( 202 moms have responded )




my daughter is only 10 months old, and i know i still have a while before she starts learning about santa and christmas. well i do not want her to grow up believing in santa claus. everyone tells me that i should let her believe and that im in the wrong to make that Decision and that i will be taken all the fun out of christmas. I remember when i was little i would get made fun of cuz i believed in santa. and when i found out that there was NO santa it broke my heart because i believed that he was real. I dont want my daughter to believe in some Fictional Character that isnt real. at a young age i want to teach her that its all about jesus NOT SANTA. and why we celebrate christmas. so do you think im wrong for not wanting my daughter to believe in santa?

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Yes. Let kids be kids. There is too much reality in this world when they grow up. Sure, teach her about the true meaning of christmas but also let her believe in fantasy. Do you also want to ban the tooth fairy; tell her Tinkler Bell is not real? The easter bunny? All these are a part of childhood that makes it special. You were heart broken when you found out, but she is not you. It would be heart breaking for her not to believe in fairy tales. Let her be a kid and you will get so much pleasure seeing her little face light up at christmas than see a disappointed face because she was told not to believe.

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There is no right or wrong here. It is a decision only you and your Daughter's father can make. There are many other ways to make Christmas fun without bringing Santa into it, but there is no reason that Santa can't still be a part of Christmas. Just let her know it is make-believe, small children love make-believe. Think fairies, goblins, etc it is all make believe but little kids just love it.

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