Need help with an hyperactive 21 month old boy

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My son doesn't rest from the time he get's up in the morning to the time he goes to sleep at night. He takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. He climbs on EVERYTHING, tears up the house, and doesn't listen. I even had his hearing checked because I was worried. Any suggestion as to how I can calm him down and make him understand? He also doesn't sleep through the night yet! Any suggestions on any of this would help a VERY tired and stressed out mommy!


Amy - posted on 12/16/2009




aw, I feel your pain! That sounds exactly like my 19 month old son! My husband stays at home with him and it's driving him nuts! One thing that we found worked really well was to let him run around outside. He didn't need to be playing on anything, just walking/running around and getting fresh air. The down side is it's winter here, and we had a nice lovely snow storm dump 10-12 in of thick heavy snow on us that is now frozen and slippery.

I've recently starting trying to do some excersize with our son inside, Wii Fit, Yoga (He needs to watch me a few more times before he gets that the goal isn't to entertain mommy but to copy her, lol), and turning on music we'll dance to it.

We've also boxed up (well still in the process of doing it) everything we don't use on a daily basis, marking the boxes and putting them in a closet that we can easily get to. That keeps him out of stuff he shouldn't. Although we still need to find a place to put pens since he has gotten to them no matter where we put them.

He's our first son, so we don't have much for toys for him until recently. My husbands uncle gave us a whole bunch of stuff they didn't need anymore and we've FINALLY found our son actually playing with toys. Also, music toys are the best for him, he LOVES music.

The hardest part for us is on top of his energy he fights sleep like nothing other, we fight for an hour with him before he actually falls asleep for his naps, and at night he'll wake up in the middle of the night to play with his toys. Last night he actually got out of his room at 2am to play.

Ok, I know i"m kinda going off on a rant, but It's just so hard not to with how similar it sounds our boys are in personality.

As far as the not listening, what do you guy's do for discipline? My husband has recently started reading some "How to Raise a Self-Disciplined child" book, I tried to google it but got a few different responses. Anyway, there are a few things in there that we have seen help our son listen to us a little better. We talk to him gently, and don't yell. We always explain why something is wrong (or good). We also ignore bad behavior, and by ignore we don't give him a response that he wants. We also give him good attention when he is listening and being good. The change hasn't happened over night, but after a few weeks we could see a definite change in him listening to us. He gets time outs, but we put him somewhere where we aren't staring at him, but keep an eye out for him. We found if he know's were watching he just treats it as if it's a game.

I hope at least something helps, if nothing else you aren't alone!

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