Obstetric Cholestasis

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Hi, I am interested in hearing from Mums who had obstetric cholestasis - especially if you have had it in two or more pregnancies.

I had cholestasis from about 33 weeks with my first pregnancy, which wasn't recognised until it developed into pre-eclampsia at about 36 weeks. As a result, my son was induced 2 days later at 36.5 weeks. He was a happy and healthy 2900g. I had very few concerns about subsequent pregnancies as I was lead to believe that the pre-eclampsia was the more concerning problem of the two and that I was unlikely to get it again.

However, 31 weeks into my second pregnancy I was itchy again and got myself checked out, only to discover that I had extremely high bile acids (like over 600). They tried medication, but the levels kept increasing to over 1500! So, my daughter was induced at 31.2 weeks, weighing 1700g. She spent 6 weeks in intensive care and that time was the hardest and worst time of my life!! However, she is now 6 months old and so healthy and happy. She has had no complications or illnesses due to her prematurity - we were so incredibly lucky.

I have always wanted three children, but I am terrified that with the next pregnancy my condition will be even worse, with an earlier onset, meaning a higher risk to the baby. I feel so guilty about wanting another one, too - shouldn't I be happy with the two beautiful children I already have?

Did anyone else have these feelings about subsequent children? What have you decided to do? Has anyone carried a baby to full term after similar experiences to mine?

Just curious to know what everyone thinks!


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Hi, I had cholestasis of  pregnancy.  I was informed, as well as read on my own, that it most likely does return earlier and worse with each pregnancy.  But if your doctors know that you have this condition, they should monitor you so that it doesn't become out of control.  Good luck; the itching sucks!

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