Pain and Swollen Vagina at 21wks! Need advice

Cynthia - posted on 02/06/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I been having my a lot of pain in my crouch area and my vagina seems swollen. I am 21 weeks now and its been going on for about 2weeks. Did anyone else get this or have this? What did your doctor say?

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Vanessa - posted on 02/06/2011




Same as Katrina - I had a lot of amniotic fluid as well and towards the end, everything is damned uncomfortable down there and everywhere else! LOL

User - posted on 02/06/2011




ice pack...then I would also call your OB and let them know and see if they want you to come in or not.

Blackwood - posted on 02/06/2011




Yes, I did, what of the fun things in life. For me it was the blood flow that made me swell, we produce more blood for our babies to live and the pain was pelvic pressure from all the things that keep our little ones alive and growing, the weight of my son and I had 15% more amuatic (spelt wrong) fluids then the "average" pregnancy. If you are concern go to the doc's and ask him, but I have to say the first time I noticed the swelling, I freaked out and my sister also had the swelling, she's the one that let me know it was normal.

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